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May 03

WWE Raw Thoughts: May 2, 2016

Fresh off a PPV that had ups and downs trying to promote a “new era,” we got one of the most bland, tedious, and slow moving Raw episodes in a while. From this viewer’s perspective, this is not a “new era,” but the same old bullshit. Let’s run down the show and here’s a warning: […]

May 02

WWE Payback 2016 Results and Thoughts

The card that looked good heading into the event had it’s ups and downs with some mind boggling booking that makes me think this “new era” Vince, Shane, and the WWE writers are touting is complete BS. Let’s take a look at the event! Dolph Ziggler vs. Baron Corbin The match was a regular Raw-style […]

April 29

WWE Payback 2016 Predictions

Just about one month removed from one of the most poorly booked and received (at least to the IWC) Wrestlemanias ever, WWE returns with Payback. I’m actually excited about this PPV because of the new talent, new match ups, some uncertainty, and the STORYTELLING leading up to the damn thing. Let’s break down the matches […]

April 26

WWE Raw Thoughts: April 25, 2016

This recap won’t be as long as last week as I don’t think there was anything more developed on this show as the “go-home” show before the Payback PPV on Sunday. I’ll get my predictions out on that this week.

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