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July 25

WWE Battleground 2016 Results and Thoughts

WWE Battleground 2016 has come and gone and man, oh man, did it ever exceed my expectations. The show was great and while there were a few downs or questionable choices made, never during the show was I bored or bitching about it. Let’s run it down!

July 23

WWE Battleground 2016 Predictions

Hot off the draft on Smackdown this week and another supposed “new era,” we have a PPV coming this Sunday that doesn’t seem as important now with many of the competitors in these matches now on different shows. There ARE some important ramifications to the endings to some of these matches, but I’m just not […]

July 19

WWE RAW Thoughts – July 18, 2016

I’m back, mo-fos! Vacation time was amazing, but we have a serious week in wrestling: last night’s Raw, tonight’s Smackdown draft that will hopefully change the landscape of WWE for the better, NXT, the Cruiserweight Championship series continuing (first episode was excellent), Battleground on Sunday, and then the new Raw and Smackdown programs the following […]

July 05

WWE Raw Thoughts: July 4, 2016

Hopefully this will be another brief quick look back at yesterday’s show seeing how, once again, not too much happened.

June 28

WWE Raw Thoughts: June 27, 2016

It’s been a crazy busy week at work and I watched a three hour Raw program where not too much happened, although we got two stellar match-ups. I know I say I’m going to be brief sometimes and I tend not to be, but today, I will be.

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