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April 09

The Hilarious House of Frightenstein Clothing/Apparel Coming Soon?!

If you’re familiar with my site, you know I have major love for The Hilarious House of Frightenstein.

April 24

The Mighty Hercules Cartoon (1963-1966)

One of my favourite TV shows as a kid, that my mom absolutely detest, was The Mighty Hercules cartoon.

June 30

The Adventures of Snelgrove Snail and The Waterville Gang – More Canadian TV!

I know for some readers, I’ve written about some obscure programming like The Hilarious House of Frightenstein, Doctor Snuggles, and Cucumber so far (and will continue to do so), but I think even for Canadians, and those in Southern Ontario, this will be obscure for them as well.

June 28

Cucumber – Canadian TV Show

After mentioning TVO in my last TV feature about Doctor Snuggles, I immediately knew I had to write (and do some more research) on another show I usually watched on that channel: Cucumber! TVO, or TV Ontario here in Ontario, Canada was usually on channel 2 in most places.

February 19

The Hilarious House of Frightenstein

My first feature for my “TV” section is going to be dedicated to one of the shows I loved growing up with. Surprisingly to some, the first entry is not about He-Man and the Masters of the Universe or The Muppet Show (two that would easily be placed into my top five shows I watched […]

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