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September 23

WWE Clash of Champions 2016 Preview and Predictions

I don’t know if the build-up for the matches have been blah, the character development nil, or that I just don’t have interest in seeing some of these matches but this PPV event, the first just featuring the WWE Raw roster, just doesn’t seem like a do not miss event.

WWE Raw logo August 30

WWE Raw Thoughts – August 29, 2016

Anticipation was high for last night’s Raw as there was going to be a new WWE Universal Champion crowned after Finn Balor’s unfortunate injury that required immediate surgery. Who is the new champ and did WWE pull off a good show? Let’s break it all down!

June 07

Raw Thoughts: June 6, 2016

I’ll start this article by saying that this show was better than last week’s train wreck. There still wasn’t a lot of progression in most storylines, with some championships and big names left off TV entirely, but the main segment featuring AJ Styles and John Cena was furthered the new rivalry and was the hit […]

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