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January 30

Masters of the Universe Classics God Skeletor Figure Review

This is it! This is probably the final new MOTU Classics figure I’ll be reviewing.  Yes, I’ll still be going back to older releases for my MOTUC Rewind features, but unless hell freezes over, I don’t think we’ll be ever see new Classics figures being produced.

January 29

Masters of the Universe Classics Dark Despot Skeletor Figure Review

Continuing on with my reviews of Super7’s Masters of the Universe Classics William Stout Collection, I’m featuring one of the two Skeletor figures in this wave.

January 27

Masters of the Universe Classics Commander Karg Action Figure Review

It’s finally come down to this: I’m staring my reviews of what’s likely to be the last four Masters of the Universe Classics figures.

April 03

Super7 Ultimate Club Grayskull Skeletor Figure Review

The second “Ultimate” figure in the latest batch of MOTU figures from Super7 is Skeletor.

March 06

Mega Construx MOTU Wind Raider Building Set Review

I’ve already taken a look at some of the excellent MOTU Mega Construx mini-figs here (with more to come).

March 05

My Masters of the Universe Classics & Club Grayskull Collection Video

Hey, everyone! As I’m looking back at the Masters of the Universe Classics line in my MOTUC Rewind series, and continuing to review the newest figures I receive, I thought it was time to finally do a walk-through video of what my collection looks like.

February 06

Masters of the Universe Classics Rewind – Dragon Blaster Skeletor

We got a ton of He-Man and Skeletor variants in the vintage MOTU line.  Some were great and some were just so-so.

January 11

Masters of the Universe Mega Construx Figures Series 1-3 Review

Although I’m behind with these little figures, I couldn’t help but give them some love here on Electrified Porcupine.

October 10

Masters of the Universe Classics – Mer-Man Review (Club Grayskull)

The figure I was most excited for in the second wave of Super7’s MOTUC Club Grayskull line was Mer-Man.

August 31

Masters of the Universe “Los Amos” He-Man & Skeletor Exclusives from Super7

It’s almost Labour Day and what better way to celebrate our trip into the fall season by sharing something really cool like some convention exclusives!

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