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January 11

Masters of the Universe Mega Construx Figures Series 1-3 Review

Although I’m behind with these little figures, I couldn’t help but give them some love here on Electrified Porcupine.

October 10

Masters of the Universe Classics – Mer-Man Review (Club Grayskull)

The figure I was most excited for in the second wave of Super7’s MOTUC Club Grayskull line was Mer-Man.

August 31

Masters of the Universe “Los Amos” He-Man & Skeletor Exclusives from Super7

It’s almost Labour Day and what better way to celebrate our trip into the fall season by sharing something really cool like some convention exclusives!

March 30

Masters of the Universe Classics Tri-Klops Review (Club Grayskull)

Where to begin with this one? I honestly was expecting Teela to be my least favourite Club Grayskull with the issues she had. That figure didn’t prepare me for the letdown Tri-Klops ended up being.

February 05

Masters of the Universe Classics Rewind – Griffin

We were midway into 2012, and only a few years into the line, but we already had a few oversized figures and beasts.  June 2012 brought a fan demanded 200X beast into the line: the Griffin.

December 06

Masters of the Universe Classics Power-Con 2017 Exclusives by Super7 (Part 2)

Two Masters of the Universe Classics 3-packs were available from Power-Con and Super7 this year.  One featured three familiar characters done as comic colour variants (check out my look at them here) and this one featuring three new characters.

November 27

Masters of the Universe Classics Rewind – Slush Head

By this time in 2012, we only had two characters representing the divisive New Adventures of He-Man cartoon: Optikk and Icarius.  I totally understand because while the cartoon did have its fans, I think there are more haters out there than fans.