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September 27

Star Wars: The Vintage Collection Wave 5 Action Figure Review

I’m back with some more Vintage Collection goodness.  This wave hasn’t showed up in most areas I frequent

August 26

Hot Toys Star Wars Count Dooku Sixth Scale Figure Review

Time for another sixth scale review! This time, I’m featuring the Hot Toys Count Dooku figure from Hot Toys

July 05

Star Wars: Sith Probe Droids – Sixth Scale Expansion Set by Sideshow Collectibles

This feature is going to be shorter than usual.  The reason is I’m looking at this accessory pack that came out in 2007 and feature three similar probe droids that are on a stand so there’s not that much to really discuss.

February 06

Darth Maul – “Duel on Naboo” Sixth Scale Figure by Sideshow Collectibles

I’m so excited to finally be able to have this feature completed! It is a lot later than I wanted it to be because there were many issues with the first figure I was sent from Sideshow and I had to follow the protocol to get a replacement (which was done with no hassle, by […]

December 09

Star Wars: The Force Awakens Kylo Ren Sixth Scale Figure by Hot Toys

The Hot Toys/Sideshow collector bug has hit me over the past year and a half. If you’ve seen my reviews since I started in April, you’ll notice that I have done a bunch of reviews of Star Wars figures in this scale from these companies with a few that I STILL haven’t had the time […]

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