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October 10

WWE No Mercy 2016 Results and Thoughts

WWE’s No Mercy was a great event on paper, but a sideline and a head-scratching match order really made the event seem not as great as it should have been. Before I even go into the matches, which were great, for the most part, I have to state that the commentating for this event was […]

October 07

WWE No Mercy 2016 Predictions

This Sunday’s PPV looks pretty good on paper and while the last two Smackdown Live episodes really didn’t really further any of the story lines they set out three weeks ago (besides Swagger/Corbin), I’m still looking forward to the show. Here’s what I think may happen with the matches and I’m listing them in the […]

September 28

Black Sabbath Coloured Vinyl Feature

Without a doubt, Black Sabbath are one of the most influence bands ever. Not just in the world of heavy metal, but for so many musicians. A few months ago, Rhino reissued all nine studio albums of Black Sabbath that feature Ozzy on coloured vinyl.

September 12

WWE Backlash 2016 Results and Thoughts

I’ll start off saying that I thought the PPV was pretty damn good. I could have been happier with the show not starting off with Shane McMahon and Daniel Bryan in the ring telling us what we already knew. Once the show started, it was entertaining from start to finish which is more than I […]

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