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June 19

Friday the 13th & A Nightmare on Elm Street Killer Trivia Game!

I think that those who are now following the site and those who know me personally know I love the Friday the 13th and A Nightmare on Elm Street franchises. This game came out in 2005 and featured questions from both franchises!

June 10

Mint in Box – Freddy Krueger NES Style by NECA

I’ll confess right off the bat: I’ve never played the NES game based on A Nightmare on Elm Street. I never saw it available for sale when I was a kid and I think I may have been just getting into SNES gaming by the time I knew it was out (and had sold my […]

May 08

Mint in Box: Ultimate Freddy by NECA

I loves me some Nightmare on Elm Street! It has been my favourite horror movie franchise since I was a kid and saw Part 3: The Dream Warriors. I think I saw it when it came out, as we had a satellite dish with a tinkered receiver box, so we got every channel (shhhhh…).

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