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November 27

Masters of the Universe Classics Rewind – Slush Head

By this time in 2012, we only had two characters representing the divisive New Adventures of He-Man cartoon: Optikk and Icarius.  I totally understand because while the cartoon did have its fans, I think there are more haters out there than fans.

February 01

Masters of the Universe Classics (Collector’s Choice) – Tuskador

After a delay at Mattycollector, plus Digital River’s slower than hell shipping and the holiday season where Canada Post takes a lot of time off, the last MOTUC Collector’s Choice figures finally arrived last week. The Horde Wraith is coming up tomorrow, but I wanted to start off with Tuskador figure and save what I […]

August 29

Masters of the Universe Classics Rewinds: Optikk

Optikk was the figure that arrived in our mailboxes in May of 2010 . He was the first character to represent The New Adventures of He-Man cartoon. He lasted about 15 minutes before he sold out, surprising many.

July 06

Masters of the Universe Classics Collector’s Choice: Darius

The MOTUC Collectors Choice continues with the third figure in the line: Darius. Why is he so important and why is he included in a line with such few slots? Let’s take a look!

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