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March 06

Mega Construx MOTU Wind Raider Building Set Review

I’ve already taken a look at some of the excellent MOTU Mega Construx mini-figs here (with more to come).

February 27

DC Multiverse Lynda Carter Wonder Woman by Mattel Review

I don’t collect DC figures and I rarely buy any Marvel stuff.  The reason?

December 16

Masters of the Universe Classics Rewinds: Buzz-Off

I know I’ve said it already with some of the figures I looked back at, but I LOVED Buzz-Off when I was a child. He was one of my favourite heroic warriors and he’d always be a part of the group of figures I was playing with. I mean, he’s a buffed-out bee! How could […]

November 17

Club Grayskull Evil-Lyn

This figure sucks. Yep, I said it. OK, it’s not 100% garbage, but there is enough wrong with this that it made a highly anticipated figure of mine something that I would whip against the wall out of frustration if it wasn’t for what this figure cost me in Canadian dollars and that it isn’t […]

November 11

Masters of the Universe Classics Collector’s Choice – General Sundar

We’re getting close to the end  for Masters of the Universe Classics staying with MattyCollector and Digital River -and good f’n riddance. I have a crazy story involving this figure, but I’ll leave it up to you to assume the worst.

October 06

Masters of the Universe Rewind: Chief Carnivus

By the third quarter of 2010, the Masters of the Universe Classics line was pretty diverse. We had many awesome figures from the vintage line show up, we had some figures that never had a vintage figure before arrive in the line, and there were a plethora of figures (and aspects of others, like additional […]

October 05

Masters of the Universe Classics Rewind: Whiplash

After two figures with more of a 200X inspired look (Keldor and Count Marzo), the next figure returned to a vintage presentation (except in one way) with the release of Whiplash in August of 2010. He was available for about 45 minutes until he sold out.