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October 17

The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim Ultimate Edition Vinyl Box Set from Spacelab9

I don’t know how many hours I put into Skyrim.  I think the last time I checked it was in between 104-109 hours, maybe more. I moved onto other games so I didn’t go through all the DLC (but I still plan on going back…especially now after buying this).

March 24

Double Dragon for the NES

I haven’t done a feature on gaming since I started the site. I figured I could juggle it all but with so many figures and music releases coming in, MOTUC figures to look back at, and so much more crap, I just keep skipping over it. As well, my time for actually gaming has gone […]

January 14

Discolor Rebounder by AstraCat Interactive (Mobile Game Spotlight)

Today I’m showcasing an mobile game from one of my good friends! It’s a free download for your iPhone or Android device.

May 31

Nintendo Greatest Hits Vol. 1

For the last couple of years, my buddy(ies) and I like to relax outside on the deck or around a table, cracking a few frosties, and playing crib. Yep, cribbage. What an excellent game! What goes well with sun, brews, and crib? Why streaming a lot of classic 8-bit and 16-bit tunes from YouTube, of […]

April 03

Battletoads Soundtrack on Vinyl

This is NOT a piece about my love for this game. That will come later. But, I suppose if you see I bought this, you’d know I love this game. NES music is something I adore. My buddies and I play crib (laugh all you want) in the summer time outside and stream NES music […]

March 09


Here’s a little tale about gaming and me before I get into the main focus of the article (you’ll see some of these reflective bits as I start this site just to give you people who don’t know me an idea where I’m coming from when tackling these write-ups). I’ve been a gamer for as […]

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