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April 04

How I Light Up My Detolf Cabinets for Sixth Scale Figure Display. My How-To Guide.

It seems like every week there are new people joining the various sixth scale Facebook groups I belong to that ask, “what are you displaying your figures in?” or “how do you/what do you use to light up your display cabinet?”

March 19

Star Wars Sixth Scale Figure Stands Review by Display Heroes (and Interview w/ Founder Adam Falk)

Frequenting the various sixth scale Facebook groups and pages allows me to see a lot of content.  Most times I just lurk or give the various thumbs up but there are times I do comment or ask questions. A couple of months back, I saw some awesome sixth scale figure stands for figures I already […]

April 05

Interviewed by MOTU Universe

Hi, everyone! Just letting you all know I got interviewed a few months ago by MOTU Universe and now the interview is live with a whole bunch of pictures. CLICK HERE to head on over there to check it out!!!

November 30

Ultimate Nightmare on Elm St. 3 Freddy Krueger figure by NECA Toys

Are you ready for Freddy? I know it’s cliché, but it’s still fun to say! Last week, I took a look at the excellent Ultimate Jason (from Friday the 13th Part 3) and Ultimate Ash (from Evil Dead 2) figures by NECA Toys. Also released in the same time frame as these figures is the […]

April 16

Record Store Day 2016 Grabs!

My buddy and I went out today for Record Store Day. I didn’t go during the Black Friday edition last fall as nothing piqued my interested, so I hadn’t been out for a RSD for a year. This year, there were a couple records that this metal head had to try and find because I […]

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