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July 24

Masters of the Universe Classics Rewind – Icarius

October’s 2011 Masters of the Universe Classics figure was on that I could have passed on then and I could easily pass on now if I wasn’t such a completest with some figures. The figure, now known as Icarius, was the second figure in the line to represent The New Adventures of He-Man era. It’s […]

July 21

Star Wars: Captain Phasma 1/6 Scale Figure by Hot Toys Review

I know I’ve looked at a lot of troopers recently. Technically this isn’t JUST a trooper – it’s the Captain of the troopers in Star Wars: Rogue One.  This figure has been out for quite a while and reviews have been mixed overall.  I still wanted it for my collection, though, and because I have […]

July 20

Star Wars: Rogue One figures – Wave 4 by Hasbro

Wave 4 of the Rogue One series started trickling out in May of this year.  Unfortunately, many collectors have had a hard time finding this wave in the US AND in Canada. I must be one of the lucky ones because I found the rarest one on a peg.

July 17

Star Wars: First Order Stormtrooper 1/6 Scale Figure by Hot Toys Review

That’s right! Another Trooper! Why the hell not? I’ve featured so many so far on my site and I’ve really enjoyed amassing an army of sixth scale Troopers from all across the Star Wars films.  The newest one I’ve scored is an older release: the First Order Stormtrooper from Hot Toys.

July 14

Masters of the Universe Classics Rewind: Hurricane Hordak

It seemed like September, 2011 was “The Evil Horde” month because not only did Masters of the Universe Classics collectors get Leech, they (myself included, of course) got the third quarterly figure of the year: Hurricane Hordak.

July 13

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles 1/6 Scale Mousers by Mondo

If you frequent my site, you’ll know I loves me some Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles.  My reviews of the TMNT 1/6 scale figures by DreamEX have been big hits on here (use the menu feature if you haven’t seen them) and on my YouTube channel.

July 07

Star Wars: Snowtrooper 1/6 Scale Figure by Hot Toys Review

I feel like a lucky man as I received a figure this week I didn’t think was coming out for a while longer: the Snowtrooper from Star Wars: The Empire Strikes Back from Hot Toys!