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September 03

Dark Horse Stout from Broadhead Breweries

I haven’t put up a review of a beer in a while! That’s not to say I haven’t enjoyed some deliciousness over the summer and this is one that I’ve bought some of and enjoyed!

June 04

Maple Butter Tart Ale

The next entry in my delicious beer series brings to the Maple Butter Tart Ale that is brewed and packaged by Sawdust City Brewing Co. out of Gravenhurst, Ontario and manufactured by Sweetgrass Brewing Co.   I saw this in the LCBO and passed on putting in my basket it at first glance after reading […]

May 29

Muskoka Brewery: Unfiltered Cream Ale

Thanks to my brother-in-law, he introduced me to tasty beverages by the Muskoka Brewery. I’ve enjoyed a few of their different beers, but I thought I’d feature this one first. On their website, they describe it as the following: “First brewed in1996, our flagship Muskoka Cream Ale has since become a signature beer of the […]

April 03

Stranger Than Fiction Porter

Time for another delicious treat! This beer is amazingly smooth and refreshing. I picked this up because the can looked like a heavy metal cover, just like my first inductee. 

March 25

Harbinger American Pale Ale

The purpose of me having a beer section on this site is to showcase some of the beers that I’ve tried and enjoyed. I’m not going to be promoting mass market swill on here at all. I bought one of these beer last weekend and when I was searching through the LCBO, I had to […]

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