December 19

Where on Earth Have I Been?

Hey, everyone!

It’s been a while since I’ve posted. I’m A-OK, but throughout the last few months, I’ve gotten some emails asking why I haven’t posted. I’m also aghast as to this new WordPress format. I already hate it.

Well, since our first lock down, I went back to just appreciating family time more than ever and spending some of my down-time socializing with friends gaming online. I’m a pretty social person and that period, like many, really knocked me on my ass. We’re all seemingly going back into a lock down here in Ontario due to the ineptness of our Provincial government and the selfishness (ignorance) of some people.

Getting back into the swing of things in the summer, I spent time with my daughter doing summer things around the house. Surprisingly, the sale of our hot tub to put money towards renovating a part of the house turned into us putting our house up on the market, purchasing a new build, and selling all within a 2-3 week period.

From there, most of my stuff was packed and I moved my sixth scale figures into the place where I had my drums and other stuff (as you can see above, although poor Yoda fell and I didn’t notice when I took the picture). I’ve spent the last few months slowing packing up the rest of the man-cave (and house) and now I’m at the finish line.

By the time the summer was over, my daughter began school online and I began to work from home. Over the last few months, I’ve spent anywhere from 9-12 hours a day online. After that much time online, I have no passion to start taking pictures, doing videos, or even writing online. How people can spend that much time in front of a computer daily and then want to do more work on one is beyond me.

I have lost my passion a bit for for doing this site. The toy community has been pretty damn toxic this year. Some companies make it harder than ever to find figures and the amount of exclusives to track down seems to have exploded. I’ve had success getting most of what I’ve wanted the last few months, thankfully. I have also enjoyed just buying figures, especially sixth scale ones, without having to take pictures and go bit-by-bit.

I know I’ve said it before, but by the time figures get to Canada, it’s already been at least a few weeks to a few months since they’ve already been reviewed by people that get them faster in the US, get samples from companies, or, now with sixth scale figures, get them during the release week, review them, then auction them off. I don’t understand how reviewers can praise a figure, say it could be the figure of the year, and then auction it off a few weeks later. It seems like there’s not that much of an audience by the time I get anything up and reviewed.

That beings said, is there any need for this Canuck to continue? I’m not sure. I’ve always done this for myself and no one else, so I guess that’s more of a question I’ve been going back and forth with for the last few months. I have gotten great opportunities from doing this and made some great friends in-person and online. That has been the best thing. Plug: buy the MOTU action figure guide and watch Action Figure Adventure!

I move Monday and will be using the time to unpack and I’m sure it’s going to take me at least a month to get some stuff set up how I want it. Then I have shelving to put up for my MOTUC collection and figure out what else to buy to display my various figures. That brings me to at least February before I see if I have any inkling to start up again. My busy time at work will be done by then, too (as January is always go-go-go).

At least you can still check out my Instagram for figures I get in. My Twitter, though, damn…the politics in the US and Canada. What a bunch of BS and sometimes my stuff on there is yapping about that, when it should be toys. Perhaps in the new year, I’ll make a resolution to just post about figures again – but this year has shown me that voices need to be heard more than anything.

Feel free to chime in. I wish anyone reading this a Happy (insert whatever you celebrate or don’t celebrate). Please be safe, wear a mask, and let’s get through this rough ride. Light at the end of the tunnel is starting to emerge, but we have to work as one.

Thanks to everyone who have visited, spread this site, commented, left me good or bad comments on YouTube, and ever reached out.