June 29

End of June Update


Where have I been? What have I been up to? Well, June is usually a busy time for me usually so I don’t post too much during this month.  This year, I’ve been working from home since near the end of March and it has been tough, well, not “hard” but a bit mentally draining.  I’ve been juggling my job with doing my daughter’s e-learning and keeping her occupied, especially when my wife went back to work at the beginning of June.

Many days have been like Groundhog Day and it’s taxing. I know I have little to complain about because I have food on my table, money in the bank, and a family (and friends) who are awesome.

I think the daily news lately since this year kicked off has been absolutely depressing.  I usually have no ambition to create content these days.  Add that with this pandemic and it’s even harder for me to secure stuff to review.  By the time I get things, they’re out in the hands of American reviewers already for at least a month.  It’s old news by the time I put things up, so in a way, what’s the use?

I think I’ve decided going forward, I’m just going to do videos.  I’ve tried since the site started to have the picture/written reviews that I love done the same time as video reviews.  Strictly going to video reviews will cut down on the work on my end and perhaps make me want to kick it up a notch again.

I’ll still be keeping this site and adding the embedded video reviews (and perhaps some written content from time to time), so for those who care, I’ll have stuff coming.

Even wrestling has been shit.  Thank goodness for AEW because WWE has been damn awful, hence why I haven’t even given that the time of day on here.

There have been a few other things in the community and stuff I’ve been involved in that just simply doesn’t make me want to be a part of the “toy” or “action figure community” anymore. I don’t even know if I’ll continue on with my Masters of the Universe Classics Rewind features.  I wanted to get through the line but I just have had no interest in MOTU stuff lately.  I’m not even interested in the new line and will collect very little of it.  I’ll put money on that line not even lasting two years.

I used to have more of a passion of sharing with everyone and trying to bring my own perspective to things.  Could that change? Of course, but as of right now, I’m going to video reviews and limited photos.

I hope people are well, and those that actually care about the site, and what I do, will continue to be engaged in some capacity.  Be safe, be kind.  Wear a goddamn mask – it doesn’t infringe on your rights. It’s showing respect to other human beings.