Star Wars Black Series Gaming Greats Action Figures Review


Hey, everyone! It’s been a bit, but I’m back with a new feature! What’s been taking me so long? Well, the world.  We have the pandemic and then the protests sparked by the death of George Floyd.  You have a president of the US that is bat-shit insane and his crew provoking anyone they can instead of calling for peace and unity.  This site is not a political one, although I’m more outspoken on my Twitter account.  I just felt that it wasn’t time or necessary for me to be posting about toys or figures at a time where the world seems like wants change and a pandemic is about to sweep a potential second wave.

This feature will be about three of the current Star Wars Black Series Gaming Great figures currently out.  I was going to have this ready to go and out about two weeks ago, but, like I said, I just couldn’t be bothered with the culture and current events of the world.  More are on their way and that excites me.  Make sure to watch the video review at the end to show I’m not as surly as this whole intro would have you believe.


Heavy Battle Droid

First thing first: the packaging.   You’ll see these Black Series figures don’t have a number and feature the “Gaming Greats” hexagon logo on the front.  I’m not sure why they wouldn’t number these.  I mean, some of these figures are just as hard to get as retail, so to have them unnumbered or even labelled as such is a missed opportunity to me, especially as a person that keeps them in the box.  Surprise, if you haven’t been on my site or channel before.

Although this figure is supposed to represent a Battle Droid in the gaming universe, but I think this figure just makes me more excited for the standard Battle Droid release.  I love the colours and the weathering on this figure. The accessories included are great, too. While this figure will help army builders increase their ranks, I still prefer the look of the Battle Droid colours and variations found with the original 3/4″ figures.


Stormtrooper Commander

I’ll use this space where I talk about the packaging to reiterate that it’s awesome, although there’s no number.  The colour scheme matches the figure and is very appealing.  It makes me happy to be a boxed collector of this line.

As for the figure, it’s awesome.  Yeah, it’s a Stormtrooper, but I simply love the colour on it and the weathering.  This one will surely stick out for people who are army builders, but hopefully in a good way.

I know we got these guys in Canada way before the US but it looks like they are trickling out now.


Jedi Knight Revan

Full disclosure: I’m so used to “Darth Revan” that even typing “Jedi Knight” is odd.  I have NO clue either about Revan being a Jedi before turning to the dark side.  I remember playing Knights of the Old Republic in my early 20s, but don’t remember much of the story, so the whole story about Revan being a Jedi is totally forgotten.

While this this figure is just a repaint of the previously released figure, I find this paint scheme actually makes the details on the figure’s armour stick out more.  I simply love the gold paint and wash on the armour.  I’m a fan of soft goods, too (while I know there are some that despise them), but it works so well on this figure.  It makes me wish the hood was actually cloth.

For the hell of it, here’s the Gaming Greats version beside the first release.  You’ll notice that the first release had two lightsabers included.  I really wish my figure was looking up more like the first release.  Man, these are two awesome looking figures.


That’s it.  I’m trying to be to the point with my written review besides my huge diatribe at the beginning.  I mention a little more in my video review, so I hope you check it out. I swear I’m kinder. HAH!