Hot Toys Luke Skywalker Endor Deluxe Sixth Scale Figure Review


I’m back with more Hot Toys Star Wars sixth scale action! This time I’m looking at the deluxe Luke Skywalker from Hot Toys that has many different looks and two portraits  that can be changed to give even more posing options.

I already reviewed the Jedi Luke figure from Hot Toys.  It was a great release, although many didn’t like how “pudgy” it was.  I really never noticed it until some people took the padding out of the figure.  This one I don’t think has that problem, but it may because I didn’t (and won’t) take off the Endor garbs.  Why? Because I don’t want to have this figure with the Jedi “look” because I have one and I don’t want to have the “deleted scene” look either.

The main reason I bought this figure is to have the Endor look and I plan on getting Leia’s Endor figure (with Wicket).  Hell, I’ll get Han, too, if they announce him.  I also got this deluxe version because for the money, it was the better value with the extra portrait.

You’ll see the packaging is the usual, but it has the little piece that surrounds the front and sides of the box.  Hot Toys also shows on the front the many different ways you can display the figure.  I understand people kinda ticked that they put this figure out after they (and me) buying the Jedi Luke version, but, for me, I don’t care too much because I wanted the Endor version, so to be able to display this figure different ways is just icing on the cake for me.

There’s nothing really here to report that’s different about the size of the figure and the articulation.  If you’ve got a Hot Toys Luke, it’s the same.  There’s not much in the abdominal/middle section of the figure, but you can adjust most other places with no issue.  Some may not want to play around with the ankles too much so they don’t ruin the look of the boots.  Thankfully my figure also stands without any issue if it doesn’t have the included stand.

The figure doesn’t come with the helmet on out of the box, nor the hands you see below, but I had already opened this figure and displayed it before I got to my review.  I’ve had it probably since the beginning of February, but with this whole pandemic, I’ve been in no rush.  Go figure: more time at home but less reviews.  Rationale? More family time and gaming online with friends.  It’s been great!

Seeing how I have reviewed the Jedi Luke figure, I’m stating again this review isn’t showcasing that look, nor the deleted scene look. It may be considered “lazy” but I’m not messing around with how well this Endor look is out of the box when I don’t plan on displaying it any other way.

I tell you, though, the outfit and poncho for this figure is great.  It looks so good in hand…much better than anticipated.  The poncho also has wiring in the hood and bottom to be able to pose the outfit in more of a dramatic style, if you’d like.

The overall quality of the material is great, as per usual, and I didn’t have any rips, tears, or paint errors.

Here’s the way the figure is shipped.  The hair is on the portrait and is the same hair piece as the Jedi Luke figure except it’s a bit lighter in colour.  One reason I didn’t jump on this figure until it was almost wait-listed is because the teeth.  I know Hot Toys was trying to replicate a scene from the film, but sometimes that just doesn’t translate well to collecting figures.  I can’t imagine not having this figure in some action pose because all it will do is make Luke just seem constipated.

Teeth aside, the rest of the sculpt and the actual skin tone look great.  Also, the eyes are done very well and keep Hot Toys’ streak of accuracy up to par.

Exchanging the magnetic head piece with the helmet gives me the look I want for this figure.  The helmet is a fantastic piece and has fabric on the top of it, something I wasn’t expecting.  The problem with the helmet is that the tab to hook it around the chin is a pain in the ass to get connected.  You’ll see in my video review but man, it’s another reason why I’m kinda one and done once I had the look I wanted with this figure.

Here’s the other portrait with alternative hair, the hair already shown on the first portrait, and more.  There are just many ways to swap these heads and get different looks.

Here’s the second portrait on the previously released Jedi Luke figure.

Moving onto the accessories, this figure has quite a lot of different hands.  I’m going to mention something here people may have noticed in the pictures above (and may future ones): Hot Toys didn’t include a black gloved hand to hold the lightsaber with.  I went back to my Jedi Luke to see if one was with that one to use for this photoshoot, and they didn’t with that figure either.  I can’t believe it.  If you want Luke to hold a lightsaber with his glove on, you’ll have to swap the arm out – a thing I didn’t do with this figure and I’ll get to that.  In meantime, here are all the hands included.


Here’s the piece you need to swap for the gloved hand and has the light up function.  This one isn’t as bright at the others.  As well, I usually will swap this piece in for photos or my video, but I’m telling you, to get a grip on this figure’s forearm to swap this in and out is basically nil.  I didn’t swap it because I would only do it for this review anyway and I didn’t want to break anything.

7F2AFF07-3B12-4437-8A07-D70716B1A952_1_201_aSpeaking of lightsabers and arms, you get two hilts and two blades.  Again, this is something that collectors will dig so they can choose the style for Luke based on the part of the movie they want to display him like.


The blaster included with this figure is the one included with the other figure released, so there’s nothing new to report here.  If you don’t already have the figure, then there you go.  You now get this blaster!F27C5D53-3A44-4A9B-BC44-4AE56197E67D_1_201_a

The Jedi vest and belt come separately for your to put in if you choose to remove the Endor garbs.


Here are the googles and the ripped hood thing from the deleted scene.  Again, I’ll never use it and didn’t want to remove the Endor poncho, so here it is for you to see.  The goggles have some speckling to them, so they are not 100% clear.  It’s probably to add a sand effect to them.  At first I thought they were dirty until I rubbed them with a cloth and realized it was how they were created.

The stand included with this figure is awesome. I love when we get bases where they have some interchangeable parts and look more life-like.  I show it in the video review that the two pieces that have foliage on them can be placed in different places on the base.  I think this is how I’ll be keeping my stand in tact.


For fun, here’s the portrait that comes on the figure next to the portrait that comes on the first Jedi Luke from Hot Toys.


Luke looks fantastic in these Endor garbs.  While I’m still not 100% on the fence with the gritted teeth look, it sure as hell look much better in hand than I thought it would.

This figure was a hard one to commit to.  As mentioned, the one portrait is still growing on me, but this figure and look for Luke was essential for my collection, especially with how awesome the Leia prototype looks.  I think in a more dynamic pose, this figure works.  Overall, I’m glad I picked this one up.

Enjoy the video!