NECA/TMNT Loot Crate Unboxing/Spirit of Splinter Figure Review and Thoughts


Although I got this a while back and filmed it about two weeks ago, I decided to still share my unboxing of the TMNT Loot Crate I received. Yes, as per usual, living in Canada prevented this box to get to me until over a month later than US residents.  That’s OK, though, because I love living in this country.

I won’t go into too much detail here because the main portion of this is the actual video unboxing at the end of this feature for you to see, but included in this box are:

– Foot T-Shirt
– Foot Logo pin
– Foot Patch
– Foot bandana
– Foot Soldier – WAIT! What? NO! It’s an exclusive Spirit of Splinter figure from NECA!

The figure comes packaged in the same style box as the other retail NECA TMNT figures.  That’s fine with me because for someone like me, who keeps these in the box to display, it keeps the collection looking uniform.  I really do like the images of the figure on the sides of the box and the really awesome picture of the figure in the centre of all the turtles like in the film.

The figure also comes with some exclusive items, namely a bag of marshmallows and marshmallows that have been “roasted” on a stick.  The figure also comes with an LED fire, too!

The sculpt of the figure is the same as the one that had been previously released in the SDCC four pack and then released in a box, so there’s no surprise there.  I do like the translucent look to it and how they created a cloth robe that matches the plastic.  It’s quite a good looking figure and I’m a fan of these “ghost” figures that companies produce.

Just for the hell of it, here are the two boxed versions of the figure side by side.


For the price, I think this is a great value, especially now how the figure has skyrocketed in price on the aftermarket.  While I’m not the biggest fan of the shirt (I find it actually quite boring), I’m not even sure I’ll wear it.  Same goes for the bandana.  Where am I actually wear this? I suppose I can put it on and jump out of the corners of the house to surprise my wife, daughter, and pets.  That should be fun!

Enjoy the unboxing with my thoughts!