NECA Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles – Turtles in Time Action Figure Wave 1 Review


Purchased just before things went really downhill and we were all told to stay home, I scored this wave one of NECA’s Turtles in Time series from Heroes Comics here in London, figures based on the game of the same name, of course.

I used to love playing Turtles in Time in the arcade.  Imagine my surprise when it came out for the Super Nintendo (SNES).  I was lucky enough to convince my mom to get it for me and loved the additions to the arcade version.  I actually didn’t even mind the remake that was up on Xbox live years ago.

While there is a lot of reuse here, from the Turtles being past moulds (from what I can tell) from the other arcade releases (and cartoon releases), we at least are getting one new figure/character we haven’t had yet from NECA: Slash!  It sets the bar for us to get more new figures down the line as NECA can pay for new tooling by using existing molds.   With that all said (and what into my video review embedded below), let’s check out the figures.

Like usual, so sorry to those offended that I collect and keep them in the boxes.  It’s how I role.



While I usually save my favourite figure in a wave until the last, I figured (excuse the pun), I’d start off with Slash as he seems to be the one everyone wants to most.

Before I talk about the figure(s), I have to say I love the packaging.  Some people were appalled by it, but man, it’s the art from the arcade cabinet.  While using it makes sense, I still get the confusion about how the turtles actually look on it.  I really dig it, though!

What I’m also a fan of is how the figure is showcased on the back.  Us people that collect on card or in the box appreciate when the figure is fully posed so we can admire our plastic treasures another way.

Besides the goofy, yet amusing portrait sculpt, the first things that stick out to me immediately is the belt with the large “S” showcased backwards in the middle.  I love the little sections of the belt and I think it turned out well.

I really like the knives attached to the figure’s wrists as well as the spikes coming from his knee pads.

The figure also comes with a little grenade and his zigzag sword.  This could be an early contender for figure of the year (in this scale) for some.


Foot Soldier

Again, you can see the figure displayed with most of its accessories out of the box.  It’s really cool to see this figure (and the turtles) all come with their hoverboard.  It makes for another great display piece and something unique to come with these figures if you already have some version.

Besides the paint on the figure, if you already own one of the many video game Foot Soldiers, there’s not much new here.  Then again, for army builders, this figure sold separately will help The Foot in their collection grow to huge numbers.  Could we see yet another Foot Soldier of some sort for Wave 3 down the line?



Again, you’ll notice on the back, the hoverboard included with the figure.  Can you imagine some potential scenes/dioramas some may create with them? It just hit me that NECA could potentially do the huge sewer aliens, too! Radical!

I’m going to sound like a broken record here, but besides some of the paint (especially on the neck), there doesn’t seem to be too much new here.  For those of you who open, if you know if the plastic or articulation feels any different, let me know.  I’m just glad that people who want a set of video game turtles may have a better chance at getting the gang together.



While I did save my favourite figure until the end, I decided to save my fave turtle until the end.  I don’t know why Donatello became my favourite, but I’m sure it was the 80s cartoon, mixed in with me always choosing him first in all video games due to his Bo staff.

Broken record aside, I can say the same thing about Leonardo here.  The paint is great and so is the expression.  I really like that he has an aggressive look as he’s meant to represent a turtle kicking shell in a game, not being a scientific thinker during these times.

Those are my initial thoughts – short and sweet.  I do some comparing in the video below with the other NECA sets I’ve looked at, so make sure to watch the companion video review.  Think of it as an exclusive part for the video review.  I’m pleased with how these repaints (and new figure) turned out and I’m anxiously awaiting the next waves this year.

Enjoy and stay safe!!!