Hot Toys R2-D2 Deluxe (2020) Sixth Scale Figure Review


It’s been a while since I’ve featured a Hot Toys Star Wars release! I got this guy near the end of January, but then stuff with work was hard, unknown, and a bit stressful. My family also got the flu in February and after we fully got over that, I then had other work to do for an upcoming project and wanted to take a break.  Mid March I got REALLY sick for over two weeks (see the site updates).  History aside as to where I’ve been, I was so stoked to finally get my groove (and health) back and get to this feature.

Hot Toys already released an R2-D2 figure about a two years ago.  I passed on that one because I already had the Sideshow version.  It was one of the first sixth scale figures I did for this site (and what a difference years make with photography and doing videos).

While the first version of R2 Hot Toys had some improvements, there just wasn’t enough there for me to “upgrade” or buy another R2, especially with the amount of accessories and stuff the Sideshow version came with.  With the announcement of this version which builds upon the last release, I just had to snag it.  There was too much goodness presented and I figured I’d take the Sideshow version, put the drink tray on it, and place it with one of two of my Jabba figures.

The box is the same old, same old we’re used to with an added little piece around the bottom of the box.  I’m a fan of them because it breaks up the monotonous design we’re used to.  On the inside, as always, there’s a really cool looking photo of the figure.  Lifting that up, you can see the little droid and the crazy amount of stuff it comes with.  I won’t lie when I saw it and was a bit overwhelmed thinking, “how am I going to set up a review with all this stuff?”

Getting the figure out of the packaging, you’ll notice how much heavier and solid this figure is compared to the Sideshow release (if you have it).  That’s probably due to the sound features inside the figure that I’ll get to after.

The dome is diecast and really stands out.  It shines and actually brings a more life-like feel to the figure.  The body is sculpted meticulously to get all the nooks and crannies (am I hungry for an English muffin) exactly what we saw in the film.  The slight weathering effects added on the figure are also a fine touch.  Some may argue they’d love a clean R2-D2, and I can see that, but I think the weathering effects aren’t overdone and give the figure character.  I mean, this droid has seen many adventures, right?

I usually save comparing figures until near the end, but here (and in the video review embedded at the end of this feature), I decided to do it early just so you can see the height and width differences between Hot Toys’ (left) and Sideshow’s (right) versions.   I was actually surprised to see the Hot Toys version coming out a little taller and wider than Sideshow’s.  If you enlarge the pictures below, you can also see the difference in the paint and were certain components are placed and spaced out (especially with the back of the dome).

Ok…this is where I’m going to let the pictures do more of the talking.  There are 10 different attachments (11 in all) to place into various parts of R2. They include:

– a life-form scanner
– a computer terminal arm
– two lock pick arms
– a repair arm
– two multi-function utility and interface arms
– a pair of computer interface arms
– a utility arm
– a utility saw
– a universal computer interface arm

You also get a Death Star plans data card and Luke’s lightsaber hilt. There is also a restraining bolt that is magnetic that helps open up all the compartments.  You can just stick it on R2 if you want to pose the droid with it on.


Before you even plug everything in, you can even pull up the periscope that’s built into the figure.  I had almost finished my video review before I remembered he also had this feature!

Click all the pictures below to see closer pictures of all the attachments and where they are supposed to go on the figure.


If you didn’t think that was enough in the accessory department, there is also a LED light-up small lamp included.  This is the same lamp that came with the Hot Toys Yoda a few years ago, except the wiring is painted a bit different and there’s a cord included to plug into R2 as shown below.

Hot Toys continues their release of little hologram-style figures as pack-ins.  These two are of Princess Leia and are just as great as the previously released hologram figures.  I so hope we continue to get more of these.

Just like with the recent prequel Obi-Wan Kenobi figure, there’s a way to light up the hologram figures.  Place them on this little LED stand and you’re ready to go!


I feel like I’m an infomercial right now because I have to say, “wait! There’s more!” The figure also comes with a remote control that activates 14 different sound bits from R2 that come directly from the films.  I have to say that my daughter absolutely loved hearing R2 and I was surprised to hear how loud the effects were!


The last thing I’ll mention is that the figure has a retractable third leg.  It adds even more posing options for you to handle.

This figure is an unreal value.  OK, maybe that’s hyperbole because it was pretty pricey, but if you go over all the accessories, the work done with the diecast dome, the sound effects, and all the other stuff I mentioned, you’ll see great care, work, and detail went into producing it.  I was more blown away when it arrived than I expected to be and I have no issue telling collectors it is so worth upgrading to this version of R2.  Unless we get either a semi-destroyed R2 from A New Hope, or a muddy/dirty R2 from The Empire Strikes Back, I can’t see myself now needing another R2-D2 figure.


Enjoy the video review!