Mezco One:12 Collective Pennywise Action Figure Review


I’ve been a huge fan of Mezco’s One:12 Collective line since I got my first figure, Michael Myers, back about half a year ago. I noticed the action figure community raving about the figures from other properties and checked out many reviews, but I didn’t collect characters from what Mezco had produced.  Once they got into horror licenses, though, I had to see what the fuss was about and dove in.

Suffice to say, as you can see, I have yet another figure from this line and it follows in the footsteps of other horror icons I’ve already reviewed here on this site and my YouTube channel (spoiler: it’s great!).  I’ll link those reviews at the end of this feature, for those of you who have missed them.

This line has been so much fun that when Pennywise was announced, I couldn’t help but put the money out for my pre-order to ensure I was going to be able to get this figure.  The prototype looked great and I was crossing my figures that the final figure would turn out as good.  For the most part, it has!  I have a few nitpicks, but they’re minor in the grand scheme of things.

The packaging is top notch, as usual.  The huge IT logo is in your face and the side of the box features some great art.  I’ve said it before, but I really like what Mezco does with the back of these boxes.  For figures that come at a premium price, it’s awesome to see a company show the consumer exactly what they’re getting for the money.

The slipcase is protected by a thin plastic so mint in box collectors won’t have the box scratched up.  The slipcase lifts up to reveal the figure and many of the accessories visible and protected very well.  Stuff is so easy to remove and put back in.  As always, click the pics for larger images!


Out of the box, my first impression was “holy shit!”  I know I get like that with many figures when my expectations are blown away, but man, for a figure in this scale, to see the initial work on the outfit and the portrait the figure was sent with on the body, it blew me away.

Now, I mention this in my video, and you may see this in some of the pictures in this feature, but I could not get this figure to stand on it’s own for the life of me.  I played around with it for about 30 minutes until I said, “screw it,” and proceeded to film my video review with it on the included stand.  It wasn’t until doing the last hour of photos that I adjusted the leg to get it to pose a certain way on the stand when I heard some kind of pop. From then on, the figure was able to stand on it’s own most of the time.  I don’t get it, but I’m happy to report that I got it to do so.  This is why your read my feature here and check out my video reviews, too!

All the articulation on this figure is solid.  There is nothing too tight or loose whatsoever.  The figure features articulation at the shoulders, elbows, wrists, legs, knees and some in the midsection.  I didn’t find too much in the ankles, though.

The outfit on this figure is unreal.  To have this kind of tailoring and detail on a figure of this size blows me away.  I want to congratulate Mezco and their team for the work put into this.  From all the frilly parts near the ankles, wrists, waist, and neck, to the ropes around certain parts of the figure’s body, to the pompoms on the shoes and chest, this is some fine work.  There were some strings hanging loose here and there, but being careful with scissors solved that problem.

Now, my main nit-pick with the figure is actually with the outfit.  The pants section of the figure and the left shoulder area just don’t hang like the should.  The left shoulder piece looks deflated compared to how the right one looks.  The pants don’t also puff out, especially if you compare the figure to the back of the package (or the how he looks in the films).  The right side of the front “pants” looks good, but the left front section won’t budge from how it’s bunched up.  It’s also bunched up on the right hand side on the back of the figure.  I may need some tweezers and some steam to try and get these areas to sit correctly.   I just wanted to showcase how the figure came for me out of the package.  It doesn’t take away from the outstanding work done on the outfit, though, but I wish it was easier to adjust.  I’ll keep at it.

Hold onto your balloons because there are four portraits included with this figure.  Yes, four.  I go into more details in the video review but I’ll try and keep things a bit more concise here.  Number one – this is amazing.  Actually, they all are.  The sculpt of the portrait that comes attached to the figure seems like the most logical one out of all them included. It totally captures the evil essence of the character with that sinister grin.

The paint on the figure is what really accentuates the sculpting.  I love the glossy and bright red used on the lips and nose, and how the lines rise perfectly, cutting through the middle of the eyes.  It’s quite astonishing work.  Add how the paint on the face at the bottom goes from a bright white and then fades as you go towards the hairline and you’ll continue to be blown away.  The fine lines above the eyes and the forehead also give the figure a lifelike look.  This has to be my favourite portrait out of all the horror icons Mezco has produced.

I’ve read that some people were disappointed with how the hair turned out on this figure, but I have to disagree.  On all four portraits, I think the hair turned out exceptionally well.

The second portrait features the same excellent work I talked about with the first one, but the expression is more subdued.  While this one did turn out well, I don’t ever see myself using it for display purposes.  Even with all the photos I took, I only used it once.  It just doesn’t excite me.

The third portrait features Pennywise in a demonic form.  The hair is quite different on this head and you can see more of the scalp.  This features the same quality paint job but, as you can see, he’s baring his numerous teeth.  It’s quite horrifying, actually.

The work done on the pupils on this figure really help give off the impression that he’s simply nuts.  The right pupil on my figure seems off just a bit compared to the left one.  Nonetheless, this is another fantastic portrait.

You want a pissed off Pennywise for your collection? Here you go.  If you thought the portrait above was scary, this one takes the cake.  The work done with the teeth protruding out of the mouth (see the side pics) is wonderful and the work/paint done on the inside of the mouth is gorgeous, in a disgusting way.

With three out of the four portraits blowing me away, it’s going to be hard to decide which one to keep on the figure.  Then again, it’s great to be able to change it up every month and keep my display fresh!

The figure comes with two additional normal right hands and an extra left hand.  For the demonic forms, you can also swap for two hands with the gloves ripping to show his rotting skin and nails.  I love the work done on these as well and I have a closer look at them in my video review where you can really see the details up close.

The figure comes with four accessories/extras.  He comes with Georgie’s severed arm and little boat, as well as an extra hand holding the balloon.  Big warning here: the balloon hand has a little plastic piece to help keep the balloon balanced and the height of it in place.  When I exchanged the hand for the second time, as careful as I was trying to be, the plastic piece broke off and now the balloon string slides down because the balloon piece is too heavy.  I’m going to have to find the right height to keep the balloon at and just glue it into place now.  The balloon “string” can actually bend a bit, too.

Mezco also included a bag to hold accessories in and the translucent rod to be able to have the figure float in the air or keep the figure in place, if you don’t want to use the tab on the stand.  I didn’t take pictures of them as I never removed them from the package.  I do show them in the Michael Myers review.


The last accessory is the picture from the first IT movie.  It’s features a lenticular piece so if you move it right and left, the image changes.  It’s cool but I have nowhere to really put it, so I placed it back in the box after I was finished using it.

Balloon in or out of his hand, or no matter what portrait or combination of hands you use, the articulation on this figure makes him a joy to pose.  This figure is simply breathtaking.  I’m floored and had so much fun posing him for all the pictures below.  I was going to say more for each set of pictures, but I’ll let the pictures do the talking instead.



Having the balloon in and out of focus for the shots below show just how creepy you can make this figure look even with the portrait that was shipped on the figure.

With my nit-picks with the outfit aside, this is a stellar figure and one that I’m overjoyed to have in my collection alongside the other horror icons.  Mezco and their team simply nail these figures and it gets me on the verge of biting at figures in this line whose properties I usually don’t collect.  For now, though, I’ll stay with the horror figures (unless I win the lottery). Let’s hope Leatherface and Pinhead are in the works!


Enjoy the video review!  If you missed out on the other Mezco One:12 Collective figures I reviewed, check out my reviews of Michael Myers, Ash, Jason Voorhees, and Freddy Krueger.