March 26

Site Update #2 (March 26, 2020)


Hi, everyone!

I wrote on March the 18th that I was taking a little hiatus due to illness that hit me like sledgehammer around the 16th (it could have been the night before when I started feeling it lightly).  Well, damn.  It’s the 26th in the afternoon and I’m still feeling it a bit.   I have no idea what I was/still am battling.  With all the COVID-19 scares, when I started going down for the count, I spent most of the last 11 days in the basement.

I had no idea if it was a cold mixed with the flu, this year’s flu (although I had already had the flu this year with my wife), or something more dreaded.  I’m on day 11 since getting first hit and I’m still a bit achy, and a headache comes and goes.

I did not eat for about 3-4 days (well, barely), and I was extremely lethargic.  I slept for the days I did not eat.  I had headaches, a sore throat for more days than I usually do and lots of mucus dripping down the back of it.  Thankfully I did not get a fever or have trouble breathing.  I still stayed away from my daughter and my wife.  I got to know my couch downstairs well.  I thought it was comfy, but it’s not 8 days in a row comfy.

Anyway, I have feeling so much better than even three days ago.  Hell, a billion times better than last week.  While I did get in some time playing Ori and The Willow of the Wisps (an excellent game) and watching some old faves, I haven’t done much else.  I did take some pics of figures on my Instagram and Twitter, and engaged those ways.  I actually started arranging and playing around with some figures I got the week before I even got sick, so that shows I’m on the mend.

It may still be a while before I get to any more features on here, but I just wanted to say thanks to everyone that reached out through here or the different social media outlets.  That was really cool to see people I’ve never met in person actually wish me well.

And I’ve done it on my personal FB page but I want to thank my wife. She’s helped so much and taken care of our daughter, the pets, the house, and me.

Now it’s my turn to wish you all well.  Stay home unless you need something necessary, reach out to love ones via different methods using technology, and stay as positive as you can.  We will make it through this.

All the best!