Masters of the Universe Club Grayskull Modulok Figure Review


With this review, Club Grayskull comes to a close.  Well, this wave of this figures anyway with my review of Modulok.  I save the figure I was most anticipating for the end and I really love how it turned out.

It’s hard to try and keep writing something new about the packaing – it’s what we got with all the others in this line.  The bio….


Out of the box, the first thing you notice is how much heftier the figure is compared to the others.  The reason is due to the extra plastic used on this guy, of course, especially with the large neck piece, third leg, and extra head.

All the articulation works as expected on a MOTU Club Grayskull figure.  I found this figure to have the loosest legs out of all this wave and I wish they were a tad tighter in the upper leg area.  The ankles are pretty solid at least, as is all the articulation in the arms and elbows.  The back leg piece does not rotate like the front legs but there is a ball joint located in the knee area to make up for it.

I’m very surprised about the nails on the hands of this figure.  They are actually quite sharp for a toy.  I know these are adult collectibles but I always thought there were specific safety protocols companies had to follow, although adults don’t have to worry about injuring themselves.  I won’t let my daughter be playing around with this guy, though.

There is no movement available with the thick neck piece.  It can’t move up and down or really turn left or right.  The heads on the top of it can look left and right but there’s very little up and down movement to be had.   I know a lot of people complained when they saw it that the neck piece looked too large or ugly, but after having this figure in hand for a bit, I really don’t mind it.  I know it had to stretch out horizontally enough to keep enough space between the two heads.


When you take the double neck piece off, you do get a little bit more vertical movement.  The heads also stay in proportion with the rest of the figure.  The first head, shown below, has always been my least favourite design of Modulok’s heads.  It’s not that this is a bad sculpt, the other one has just been my preference since I was a kid.

While it doesn’t seem like there’s a lot of crazy sculpting here,  the eyes, nose, and ears are in proportion and there’s nothing that happened during production to affect the look or create awful chunks out of the plastic.

The paint is clean and the yellow on the red really make the large eyes look even bigger.  The fangs popping out of the frowning face gives this head personality.

I don’t know why it took me over 30 years of my life, but I never realized how much this head/look is similar to the Ghoulie (from the 80s horror film, Ghoulies) that pops out of the toilet.  I know it’s not exact, but it hit the nostalgia button hard while doing the pics for this.

All the positives I said about the first head, I can apply to this one.  They are both done well.  I might mention that I do also like the shape of the ears on both heads, too.  It helps with the demonic look.  The Four Horsemen did well.

I’ll state again that this will be my preferred head for the single headed figure.  I just think it’s cooler looking.  I guess it shouldn’t surprise many that I’m debating about getting a third one just so both single heads are represented on my shelf.

The figure comes with an extra set of hands (still with sharp nails), and two different attachments to replace hands: a sledge hammer and an electrode.  Both weapons are pretty lightweight considering their size and will not cause the figure to tip or weight it down in any direction.


My favourite accessory is placed with my favourite sculpt.  I’m sure I’ll frequently switch it up by changing the hammer back and forth between arms and switching out the different hands.

The electrode attachment is OK.  I think I would have preferred it more if there was some kind of voltage/lightning piece to attach to it.

You want dual hand-changing action? You got it! It’s so fun to change everything up!

You can clearly see huge difference between the Classics and the Club Grayskull figures in terms of design, yet how the heads are similar in style.  This is the time where I sob a bit, seeing how I don’t have a vintage Modulok anymore.  Curse my early teen years for selling all my vintage MOTU figures to make money for video games!D80AA46D-5FA9-4245-9EC7-990CB991C381_1_201_a

Here’s a great group shot of all the Club Grayskull Horde members.  It’s such a shame that we won’t be getting a Leech figure to round out the OGs. He may very well be the one that got away.  Can we hope for at least one exclusive to complete the gang in a year or two?


Modulok turned out great, and I think he’s my favourite out of the wave, although Prince Adam surprised me quite a bit and I liked some of the others in this wave way more than I thought I would.

I’ll always be hopeful that the Club Grayskull line could perhaps be resurrected down the road (same with Classics), but for now, it’s time to say goodbye.  This wave was a great way to go out for Super7 and the Four Horsemen.  It’s too bad because Super7 finally hit their stride (minus Stratos – he seemed like he was made with previous waves).  Let us reflect on the goodness and be happy that we got this far!


If you missed any of my past reviews, check em out by using the tabs and search features on the main page, or on my YouTube channel.  For easy access for the rest of this wave, click the links for Kittrina, Shadow Weaver, Stratos, Roboto, and Prince Adam.

Enjoy the video and thanks to those who checked out, liked, and shared these reviews.  I love doing this stuff.