February 11

Masters of the Universe Club Grayskull Prince Adam Figure Review


We’re down to the final two figures of the last Club Grayskull wave and today I’ll be featuring Prince Adam.  We’ve gotten a Prince Adam figure from Super7 before (last year) with the addition of the Laughing Adam from that, you know, viral YouTube vid.  You can see what I’m talking about by checking out my review.  People wanted a proper Adam to go along with their Club Grayskull He-Man, and rightly so.  Super7 needed to deliver and I think they did.

People who buy these to display in the box will be happy to know that this wave still features the same packaging with a slipcase that goes over top of the box.  I’ve shown it enough with past figures in this line.

The bio doesn’t really add anything new to the myth or lore of Adam/He-Man, but I do find it interesting how it is mentioned how Adam is conflicted with how he has to act when he’s not He-Man.  That’s something in the whole time I’ve enjoyed the show and the whole toy line that I actually have though about the whole charade he puts on.


By this point, there shouldn’t be any surprise as to what the articulation is on this figure.  It’s the same we’re used to.  I really love how tight the knees are, but, again, I find the legs a bit loose, particularly the left one.

While my lights are bright for the photos, I’m happy to say that the crazy glossy plastic from the past lines from Super7 isn’t to be found.  There’s also not a lot of paint to discuss about this figure, but as you can see, his rear end is a bit dirty looking.  I also think the loincloth “underoos” (see what I did there?) are a bit too snug.

What I’m so confused about is why Adam didn’t come with a place to hold his sword.  It blows my mind that it got ignored and was not included.


I really, really, like the sculpt of the portrait that is included on the figure.  The expression is good and it just simply looks like this figure popped out of the TV.  Many props to the Four Horsemen for this one.  Thankfully the paint on the eyebrows is decent, too.  The only complaint I have is how the nostrils for those nose look just a little off.  Then again, it’s not as bad as the other head.

Here’s the second portrait.  When I started, I always bought an extra figure if there were two (or more) heads to display.  I continue to this day, although it’s a bit nuts.  I like the grinning face and I appreciate the extra head included.  What ruins this one (and the other head from the second figure I opened was the same) is the nostrils and the nose.  Something happened during production, I’m assuming, and it throws off the symmetry.  It’s a shame.

We get a bunch of different accessories and pieces with this figure.  We get the Power Sword and the shield we got from previous figures, but without the paint.  That shield looks really weird without the red on it.

There’s an extra right hand included to swap out that gives you a vertical articulation cut instead of a horizontal one, so you can pose Adam holding the sword aloft.  Speaking of, as you can see, an extra sword is included with the the lightning effects.  The lightning actually glows in the dark.  I tried to see if it would shine in my video review at the end, but it didn’t work.  Then I totally forgot to take a picture of it glowing.  Maybe I’ll do it up later and put it on my Instagram or Twitter.

I’m glad that I bought two figures so I can have one Adam always holding the sword aloft with the lightning effects while the other one can hold the standard sword and shield.  Besides the issues I have with the noses and nostrils, he looks quite good.

What would a photo shoot be without a transformation when you get an accessory like this? Incomplete, that’s what.  Thankfully I grabbed my Castle and took a few pics.


To see how this Adam stacks up to past release, I’ve taken pics of the new Super7 figure alongside the Laughing Prince Adam, the MOTU Classics Adam (with both heads), and the Club Grayskull He-Man.  I really love how Adam and He-Man look side by side.


I guess you can tell that I’m happy for the most part with how this figure turned out.  Yeah, I guess and can bitch and complain until the cows come home with the nose errors and the lack of a place to put the Power Sword, but it is what it is and my money is already spent.  I’m more thankful than anything that we do have a proper Adam to go along with the Club Grayskull He-Man.


Enjoy the video review and check out my reviews of the rest of this wave, if you missed them.  Here are the links for Kittrina, Shadow Weaver, Stratos, and Roboto.