Masters of the Universe Club Grayskull Roboto Figure Review


Figure number four I’m looking at in Super7’s final Club Grayskull line is Roboto.  I really have to ask, who doesn’t love Roboto? The vintage figure stood out and had awesome gears that moved with you turned the waist of the figure.  The 200X figure looked really badass, and the Classics version turned out great, blending both looks.  No matter what version has come out, they have been awesome.  Can the Club Grayskull version follow suit?

The packaging is the standard CG packaging and that should surprise anyone at this point.  I’ve said enough about it.

The bio is pretty good on this one, adding some details about his special powers and how Man-At-Arms has come to his aid twice.  I just don’t like the name “Robotica.” It reminds me right away of that horrible song Madonna put out in the 90s.


All the standard MOTUC articulation is found on this figure, except the ab crunch, of course.  All the joints on this figure were pretty tight, especially the knees.  The only one that wasn’t was the left leg; a trend I’ve found with most of the figures in this wave.

While there isn’t a lot of extra paint deco on this figure, I didn’t notice any slop or manufacturing defects anywhere.  The plastic also isn’t overly glossy like past Super7 Club Grayskull figures.

You can see the gears in Roboto’s chest.  I love how large they are and that also makes the torso piece a bit larger than other figures.  I really like it because it makes him seem like a heavy and hefty robot.  I’m sure most will already know that there’s no movement of the gears whatsoever.

I like the head sculpt on this figure.  It does seem to be a bit larger than other heads, but it actually fits in with the sculpt of the figure, particularly the larger torso.  The character can also get away with it because, well, he’s a robot!

The visor area and the red guard piece are painted without anything running off or touching the wrong area.  The red piece does not move like on other figures, though.  I wish they would have incorporated that feature.

The only place on the head where there’s an issue is on the top middle strip on the figure’s left side where it looks like it got nicked by something.  I show a closer look at it in my video review.

Roboto comes with three different attachments: a clamp/claw, blaster, and axe.  All three fit snug into the right arm and can be swapped with no issue.  As you can see, due the accessories being apart of the Club Grayskull line, they have no paint on them.

The axe looks pretty cool and looks pretty similar to the one the Classics version had.  There’s not much to say about it except it does make Roboto look like he’s ready to get some lumber.

The blaster also is quite similar to the Classics version.  Mine looks a bit warped on the right side, but it’s nothing where I’ll be writing to see if I can get a replacement (if that even is an option).  Who’d like to see a team up with Roboto with the blaster accessory attached and Robocop?

I think the claw/clamp attachment will be the one I have on my figure on the shelf.  The rational behind that is because it looks very different than the claw on the Classics figure.  I like the variety on my shelves!

No matter your accessory of choice, you know Roboto is going to look going working it! No, I’m not even going there with that certain song….

There’s quite a difference between the Classics and the Club Grayskull version.  I was surprised to see such a difference in height.  The Classics version is still such a glorious thing to see.


Here’s the CG He-Man next to CG Roboto.  If you ever told me this would happen, even ten years ago, I may not have believed it.  The six/seven year old in me still thinks he’s dreaming.  Reflecting on a picture like this, again, is bittersweet seeing how there’s no more Club Grayskull figures coming out.


After the disappointment Stratos was, I was hoping the other Heroic Warrior in this wave wouldn’t follow suit.  Thankfully, Roboto is a cool looking figure and a welcome addition to the line.  It’s too bad we won’t have any more of He-Man’s buddies joining the crew, but let’s be thankful for what we got.


Enjoy the video review and make sure to check out my reviews of Kittrina, Shadow Weaver and Stratos, if you missed them.