Masters of the Universe Club Grayskull Stratos Figure Review


Day three of my look at the last wave of the Club Grayskull figures focuses on Stratos.  Look, I love the character even if he isn’t the most interesting.  I love what The Four Horsemen did with the 200X and the Classics figure.  While I wasn’t someone who was anxiously awaiting a Filmation style Stratos, I wasn’t bothered when he was announced for this wave and I figured he’d end up being a decent figure to hang out with the other Heroic Warriors.  Unfortunately, this figure is disappointing.

The packaging is the same stuff we’re used to with the Club Grayskull line and there’s a slipcase that goes over the top of the box.  I didn’t take a picture because I’ve showcased them enough in my Club Grayskull reviews.

The bio is like Shadow Weaver’s.  There really isn’t any new information on the character or anything to do with his backstory.  It’s a basic snapshot of the character’s life.


The figure is pretty basic, featuring a furry loin area and a jet pack harness.  All the articulation you expect on the standard buck is to be found here except I found his left leg to be looser than I’d like.

There are some places on the figure where there’s some paint slop, but nothing that most would notice if they were just taking a quick look at the figure the shelf.

While I’d usually wait to showcase the extras and accessories until later on in the review, I thought I’d show the two jet packs that plug into the square on his back.  You can choose the look you prefer to have with your figure.  I’ll probably have the jet pack that has more detailing on it (on the left) on my figure at all times.

Now here’s my first major beef with this figure: the abdominal cut.  Take a look at the huge gap! I have no idea how this got messed up in production (or beforehand), but it is such an eyesore.  I went back to the other Super7 figures to see if one of them had this look/mistake where there is such a disconnect between the two pieces.  No matter which angle I look at the figure, I can’t stop noticing how awful it looks.

I’ll mention the wings on both arms can rotate with no issue and stay in place well.  I had to mention something positive before I got onto my next rant.

Stratos looks like he’s eaten too many donuts or something.  The expression is goofy, the head looks a bit too big for the body, and the way it’s sculpted, it makes it looks like he has a few too many chins.  All hyperbole aside, I think it may all come down to the head maybe not sitting low enough to the body and that’s what is making everything look off.

I’m also not impressed with the huge slop spot on the back of the head and the markings.  Also, the back of the head looks like it got melted or something on the left side.  I may contact Super7 and see if they have a replacement head for this figure.

Stratos comes with two accessories: the Staff of Avion and the Sword of Ennael.  With this being the Club Grayskull line, there isn’t any extra paint on them, unfortunately.


The Sword of Ennael looks to me to be just a repaint of the sword the Club Grayskull figure came with.  I’ve never thought of Stratos to be a swordsman but he doesn’t look too shabby with a sword in hand.  Perhaps Teela could train him in the art of sword-wielding.

Stratos looks more at home holding the Staff of Avion.  The staff isn’t held as tight as I’d like in his hand and tends to slide down after a few minutes.  It’s a minor thing to gripe about.  I do like the little emblem near the top of the staff below the fork area, but the lack of paint doesn’t allow it to shine like it could.


Here’s the Classics version of Stratos with the new Club Grayskull version.  I find the Classics version crushes this one and puts it to shame.  Yeah, I know the figures both have different reference points, but it’s hard not to think about how goofy the CG version looks.


I wanted to like this figure.  I really did.  I hate the abdominal cut, the head is just off, and the paint slop here and there (especially on the back of the figure’s head), is just off putting.  It’s hard to believe this figure is from the same wave.  Maybe I’ll warm up to the figure down the road, but as for right now, it’s my least favourite figure from this wave.


Enjoy the video review and don’t forget to check out my reviews of Kittrina and Shadow Weaver if you haven’t yet!