Masters of the Universe Club Grayskull Shadow Weaver Figure Review


Review number two of the new (and last) Club Grayskull wave from Super7 focuses on Shadow Weaver! This figure is a welcome addition to this line because the first Shadow Weaver available in the MOTU Classics line was only obtainable if you committed and purchased a subscription for the year.  I know many people were ticked because a) they couldn’t afford it, and/or b) they just didn’t want to be bothered with a bunch of figures they didn’t want. Suffice to say, the Classics Shadow Weaver has been expensive on the aftermarket.

When the figure got announced, besides the slight change in colour, I thought to myself, “is there enough here to actually differentiate between the two figures?” After getting the figure in hand, yes there are.  Is it enough for casual collectors to order both? I’m not too sure, but I know those who missed out on the first release, and don’t want to pay the $150-250 US on Ebay for the Classics version, will be happy with it.

The packaging is the standard Club Grayskull window box packaging that features a slip case.  I actually like how she’s posed in the box and that will make some boxed collectors pretty happy.

The bio for Shadow Weaver on the back of the box doesn’t really add any new information about the character or her story.


I’m happy to say the figure isn’t overly glossy like other Super7 Club Grayskull figures.  My lighting may make it seem that way because it’s bright, but I can assure you, this figure doesn’t look like it’s sweating baby oil.

All the articulation is pretty good on my figure.  There’s a little movement under the breast area and a few points of articulation from the shoulders down the arm.  There is no ab crunch articulation on this figure that the Classics version features.

The hands rotate but don’t have any other articulation for some reason.  The other figures in this wave articulation in the wrist, so I’m not sure why they passed on it on this one.  As well, the left wrist was stuck and I had to work it loose with a bit of heat.

As you can see in the pics below, the main articulation is in the arms.  With Super7’s version of Shadow Weaver, the cape piece on the back of the figure is not attached to the arms in any way like Mattel’s version.  The gives you more posing action for your figure.

The sculpt for the hood and eye area is decent.  I mean, besides messing up the sculpt of the eyes and the back piece of the hood, what can you possible mess up here? Thankfully there’s no slop on the eyes and the yellow shines through.  You can also get some good movement with the head.

The figure includes this clear stand that inserts easily at the bottom of the figure and can be removed with no issues.  You can stand Shadow Weaver up without it, if you wish, and she won’t fall.  I just don’t know why anyone would not want her “floating.”


Shadow Weaver comes with three accessories: a magic projectile blast, her wand, and a scepter with a flame at the top.  Her description of the accessories list the wands as a “Wizard’s Wand” and the “Wand of Crystal.” I’ll assume the one with the crystal ball is the Wand of Crystal.


I love this scepter/Wizard’s wand with the flame.  While the Classics figure just had the wand and having this new piece is another way to differentiate my two versions.  This may be the accessory I keep in her hand.  I love the work done on the flame and it really helps the accessory stand out thanks to the usual unpainted CG accessory rule.


While the Classics version did come with a wand similar to this, the crystal is a different colour.  You can’t go wrong having Shadow Weaver with this wand in hand.

Finally, the magical blast/projectile is a good looking piece but there’s no place to really secure it to the figure.  I’ve wedged it in between two fingers and tucked under the wrist.  I read last night that Pixel Dan got the info that there was supposed to be a hole at the end of the accessory to fit onto Shadow Weaver’s finger, but it didn’t happen.  Yikes!


I really dig the pointy finger hand.  It may seem like she’s pointing out her foe, about to cast a spell, do the ol’ Hulk Hogan “you” scream, the Daniel Bryan “yes” chants, or want to dance and party down after taking out a whole army of rebels.  Seriously, though, you have to have fun with toys, right?


So you can see the differences between both versions of the figure, here’s a picture for you! First off, you immediately notice the difference in colour.  If you want to see the height difference between the two without the stands, check out the video review.


I’m curious as to which one of these figures will be people’s go-to Shadow Weaver figure.  I love the sculpt of the Classics figure but I like the colour and the design choice not to have the arms attached to the back cape area on the Club Grayskull version.

All in all, this figure turned out well and those who had the first release should find things to like about it while those who missed out the first time will rejoice to finally have a Shadow Weaver in their collection, if they like what they see.


Enjoy the video review and don’t forget to take a look at my review of Kittrina, if you missed it!