Masters of the Universe Club Grayskull Kittrina Figure Review


This is it! This is the last wave of Club Grayskull from Super7.  That’s too bad because the majority of the figures in this wave, just like the William Stout MOUTC Collector’s Choice figures, made it seem like Super7 was just starting to hit their stride with producing these figures.  It only took about a year for these to arrive after they were pre-ordered so many people were expecting these to be nailed after waiting so long.

This wave consists of six figures and I’m starting with the one that I thought would be the least exciting, and the one I thought I wouldn’t care about so much even when it arrived.  Thankfully, I was wrong.

Kittrina appeared in one He-Man and the Masters of the Universe Filmation cartoon episode, The Cat and the Spider.  I always thought she was in more episodes probably because I always remembered this character from when I was a kid.  Although I never clamored for a figure of her, when she got announced (and appeared in many fan polls before being announced), I thought it was a decent choice.

The packaging is the same Club Grayskull window box packaging we got in the past.  That’s fine with me because people who collect these to keep mint (like me with a boxed collection), will sigh with relief that everything will look in unison.  The packaging comes with the same Castle Grayskull slipcase, but I didn’t take a picture of it because I’ve shown it with past figures.  I do show it in the video review at the end of this feature.

The bio shares a little background on Kittrina and shares a bit of the events that went down in the cartoon episode.


The figure is a bit shorter than some of the other Club Grayskull figures and that’s good to keep her in scale.  All the articulation is the standard stuff found on all MOTU Classics and Club Grayskull figures. Most of the articulation points are solid, but I found her left leg to be a bit loose.  There’s no ab crunch to be found either.

Another bonus is the actual figure doesn’t have the overly glossy look that has plagued many of the Club Grayskull figures that Super7 has produced.  Yes, the face has it, but from the neck down, baby oil look isn’t found.

There’s not really a lot to talk about the outfit besides me wishing the opening for the legs went down just a tad more.  It looks a bit too short.

The tail can rotate 360 degrees but there aren’t any other places where it’s articulated.  I wish it was able to move up and down.  I suppose because it’s under the Club Grayskull line, anything extra like that would be off the table.  If it was under the Classics line, though…well, we won’t even know now, will we?

There’s a little accessory holder around her left ankle.  I find it doesn’t hold the piece as tight as it could and I can potentially see people losing it.  You’ll see what it is when I go over all the accessories included.

There are positives and negatives with the portrait.  The main negative is with how glossy it is.  It doesn’t match the rest of the figure like it should.  I didn’t know cats had such oily skin.

The positives are found with the overall sculpt and the paint.  I think the sculpt captures the character well, and the expression makes her seem like she’s planning something; almost cunning.

Thankfully the paint is clean on the face and is pretty much neat around the ears.  There isn’t any slop anywhere, scratch marks, or dents on the head and that makes me a happy consumer.

Kittrina comes with three accessories: a small little weapon with cat paw on it (possibly the whip when it’s not extended?), a whip, and a flame attachment for the whip.  The little accessory is the item that fits in the holder on her left leg.



The plastic for the whip is really soft and it’s hard to maintain any specific pose with it.  Attaching the flame to the end piece does make it look like a cool weapon and it kind of makes me think of Gogo in Kill Bill when she’s swinging around the mace whip or perhaps I’ve been playing too much of the Castlevania Collection on my Xbox One lately.  With the whip in hand, Kittrina doesn’t look as innocent or friendly anymore.

Kittrina can look pretty calm and collected when just hanging out, sans weapons.  I’m sure she wants to remain calm when He-Man shows up so she can get some advice on how to talk up Battle Cat.



I’ve seen some excellent mock-ups of how Kittrina would have looked in the Classics line and they were great.  I know many wanted the Classics version before this one.  Then again, people can (and have) argued the other way.   I guess you’ll just never make everyone happy.

What makes me happy, though, is how much I liked this figure after taking it out of the package and playing around with it.  I thought this would be one of the figures I’d take pictures and videos of just to get through my review, and I’d be done with it.  Now it’ll be one I play with along with my daughter, who really likes it.


Enjoy the video!