Star Wars: Hot Toys Bespin Princess Leia Sixth Scale Figure Review


Today I’ll be reviewing the latest Hot Toys sixth scale figure (ahem, tribute) to Carrie Fisher: Bespin Princess Leia! It’s based off her look on Cloud City in The Empire Strikes Back.  This review may be shorter than most of my other sixth scale figure reviews because it’s a figure that doesn’t have any real extras and it’s one that doesn’t have many posing options.

Although the figure doesn’t come with the extras we’re used to with many Star Wars sixth scale figures, the price of this figure is lower than others, which is a bonus.  I also used a $25 US promo code to get even more off of it, which helps with what I’m getting for the price.

The packaging is the standard Hot Toys Star Wars box we’re used to seeing.  Thankfully we get some more visuals that wrap around the front and the side of the box to add some more visuals.  If I actually had the room to display these figures in front of the box, I think it would look sharp on a shelf.

The figure itself is just over 10.5” tall, making her in scale with the other figures in the line.  All the articulation on the figure works well, with nothing too tight or loose.  There’s not too much that hampers the articulation, but this is a figure where it’s not supposed to be posed dynamically.  This is one of those figures destined to have a “museum pose.”

The outfit is quite striking, although there’s not a lot to it.  It consists of a red dress/pants and belt under the cape.  While the work on it is done with a high degree of care, it’s just not anything to get excited about.   You can also see the thin fabric on the underside of the cape.  I show in the video (embedded at the end of the feature) where mine has some wear and tear out of the box, like it got scratched.

Her feet have sculpted shoes and don’t cover a lot of surface area, so make sure she’s really steady if you’re posing her/standing her up without the stand.

The outer side of the robe is decorated neatly with the designs you see below.  It’s almost like they ironed on decals on to the fabric, but they don’t appear to be something that will peel in time.  At least I hope not.

The bottom of the robe has wiring at the bottom.  Even after doing the video and taking pics for this feature, I’m still playing around with it to make it look like it’s hanging “just right.”  I don’t like how the right side of the middle of the cape on my figure is bunched up compared to the left and I can’t get it to look natural.  Again, see the video to see what I’m talking about.

The portrait on this figure is spot on but before I got this figure in hand, I was worried about it.  There are many pictures on the Internet, especially in many Facebook groups, where people who got this figure earlier, that make it seem like the eyes on the figure are huge and not in proportion.  It looked very different than the promo pics.  I kept my pre-order hoping for the best and breathed a sigh of relief when everything looked just fine.  I’m not sure why pictures from people’s phones, mine included, made it seem like the eyes were huge.

As you can see, there’s a soft expression given to the figure.  All the paint is well done, especially for the eyes, eyebrows, and lips.  She is looking slightly up and to her left.  While I think that’s fine, I wish she was looking straight ahead.

The work done for the hair is superb.  Just look at the the hairline is done! I love how the hair is sculpted slicked back all into the bun and the braids.  It’s quite realistic and I think the Hot Toys sculptor(s) nailed it.  Watch out for the two small pieces hanging in front of her ears.  You don’t want to accidentally do anything that could break them off.

Here are the extras: two hands! Yep. The figure comes with two additional hands to be able to swap just to change up the calm posing action.  Exciting, right?

While I didn’t swap the hands for any of the poses below, I did switch them out for the end pose in my video review.  I wasn’t even going to bother swapping them at all at first, seeing how the hands that come attached to the figure are fine for the type of poses you’d want with this figure.  Now I may swap them every now and again.

The standard Hot Toys Star Wars stand is included, but this one has an additional place mat you can put on top of the base (which I’ll be doing).  In addition, you can spice up your stand/display by using the included backdrop.  I suppose this is an “extra” for the figure as it’s optional.  I was expecting something made out of plastic or a little bit solid, but this is nothing more than Styrofoam.  It feels really cheap and if you ever drop it and step on it, it’ll be toast.

I’m not sure at the time of writing if I’m going to use it.  I really have to rearrange my display areas to see if it will fit in with the other figures I plan on having her around.


When I mix up my display shelves and move figures around, this is a figure that I could put beside my ESB Vader, Boba Fett, and/or Bespin Luke.  I think fans of Princess Leia and Carrie Fischer will be happy with this figure, if they’re fine with paying the price for a figure that doesn’t come with a lot of extras.

The figure turned out well and, as mentioned, looks better in hand.  I think the pictures I took show that the eyes are in proportion.  I’m glad I got her as it adds more diversity to my shelves and I don’t think you can have too many Princess Leia figures, right?  That said, the next Leia that will be coming out in the summer or fall and features her in her Endor gear.  She looks great in the prototype pics and will also come in a two-pack with Wicket the Ewok.  That will be a must buy!

On a side note to end, in the promo pics, there is some foreshadowing that we’re going to be getting a Bespin/ESB Han in the future and I’m sure I’ll be shelling out for that! Let’s hope they do a new Chewbacca, too! I’d be cool with Chewbacca to be a two-pack with Han or with a C-3P0 that you could take apart and have Chewy carry on his back.  The figure is bright for more Original Trilogy goodness!

Enjoy the video!