Star Wars: The Black Series Heavy Infantry Mandalorian & Chewbacca/C-3P0 Figure Review


It’s time for yet another feature on some Star Wars figures from The Black Series! It seemed like a few months ago, I couldn’t wake up without another figure either being announced or released, just look at the main page!  The last few months of the year, I sank a good chunk of coin keeping my Black Series collection up to day.  Hell, I finally have a Force Spirit Yoda finally on the way, seeing how the damn thing never got a Canadian release.  These two figures I’m taking a quick look at today are exclusives as well, but us Canucks had a way to score ’em, thankfully.

If you’re new here, I’m a boxed collector for this line.  I don’t have the space anywhere to display the amount of Black Series figures I have (I almost have the whole run, minus maybe five or six), so I hang them or have the boxes on display. Sue me.  Here we go!


Heavy Infantry Mandalorian

This guy was a Best Buy (say what?) exclusive in the US and Toys R Us here in Canada.  It retailed for about $40 here in Canada but thankfully I got it when there was a sale on all Star Wars figures so I think I got it for around $34, which is what regular sized exclusives usually go for up here.

As you can see, the packaging hasn’t changed, but it’s a bit larger due to the size (width/thickness) of the figure and the accessory/ammo pack.  What’s interesting is that this figure is numbered as D2.

I think what strikes me about this figure more than anything the overall size of the figure and the colour of the armor.  The metallic shine to the armor catches my eye immediately and makes me want to take a closer look at all the details on it (especially the work on the weathering).  The work done on the belt, the gauntlets, and the weathering make it quite visually appealing.  I even like seeing the details and wrinkling of the under suit that’s sculpted.

You have to love the look of Mandolorian helmets.  This one looks great due to the various colours on it and because of all the weathering to be found on it.   It looks like he’s seen plenty of action and I love how the attention to detail like this translates making an excellent looking action figure.

The huge weapon and jet pack are pretty large compared to most figures in the line.  While I will admire my figure in the package until a day I win the lottery and get a larger house to open all these up, I have to say that adding the piece onto the figure’s back and having it hold the gun, I can just imagine how much larger it would make the figure seem.

Overall, I think this is a great figure and I’m sure many fans of the show have picked it up.  If you haven’t, it looks like the aftermarket price has gone up almost double on Ebay.


Chewbacca & C-3P0

With the 40th anniversary of The Empire Strikes Back going to be focused on this year, what better way to kick of 2020 than with an Amazon exclusive? Both US and Canadian fans had the chance to score theirs off their respected sites.

Here in Canada, it cost us $65.  If you do the math, that’s actually not too bad for an exclusive set for us.  Regular figures usually retail for $30 and exclusives for $35-40.  So getting two figures for $65 (and our great 13% tax here in Ontario), it’s almost the same for two regular figures.  I’m fine with that.

Again, we get a larger box because it’s housing two figures, but there’s no number assigned to this one.  Both figures can be seen clearly though the window, although there are pieces of C-3P0 behind him.

I simply LOVE the work done on this C-3P0 figure.  The gold really pop and contrasts the various colours of his wiring.  It’s quite attractive.  Once you stop gushing over the paint used for all that, you’re suddenly drawn to patches on him due to the blaster damage.  I’m so impressed with the work done on it, I’ve sat and stared at this figure in the box for longer than I should have.  It’s quite the sight.

Chewbacca is also just as impressive.  I show in the video embedded at the end of this, the differences on this Chewbacca from the other release we got many years ago.  Besides the arms (I can’t tell with the legs), everything else seems to be newly sculpted and the paint on the fur is done so much better.  The same can be said about the bandolier.

What I really love is the portrait on this figure.  The expression, hair sculpting, and paint are great.  This is the best version of Chewbacca to date and even if people don’t want a C-3P0 like this in this set, I can see people buying it just to get this Chewbacca figure.

I’ve read/seen online, that C-3P0 fits well into the net-bag and because of how sturdy Chewie is, when you put the netting on Chewbacca with C-3P0 dismantled in it, there’s no worrying about him falling over.

That’s my quick two cents on both these figures.  I know they’ve been out for a bit, but due to lots of other figures (and work and family life), I am just finally getting around to them now.  I thought they should get some some love on my site and channel.

Enjoy the video!