Masters of the Universe Classics God Skeletor Figure Review


This is it! This is probably the final new MOTU Classics figure I’ll be reviewing.  Yes, I’ll still be going back to older releases for my MOTUC Rewind features, but unless hell freezes over, I don’t think we’ll be ever see new Classics figures being produced.

Mattel wants to focus on their Origins line now and it looks like they don’t want any other company in the MOTU action figure market.  In one way, I understand.  In another, I don’t because they should want to maximize profit for their big license.  I know many were assuming it all also had to do with the new MOTU movie being on it’s way.  Unfortunately, Sony has just pulled it from their release schedule, so it looks like it’s stuck in development hell (or purgatory) once again.

If you missed my past reviews this week (or whenever you came across this), you can click on the names to check out my thoughts on General Karg, Rebel Leader He-Man, and Dark Despot Skeletor.  In the Karg review, I gave a lengthy intro as to the background about these figures as well as my thoughts on the Masters of the Universe movie these are based from.  To not repeat myself here, I will direct you to go to that feature (and watch the vid).

This other version of Skeletor is essentially the same as the Dark Despot Skeletor I reviewed except for two key things: the loin piece draping down the middle of his lower half and the huge helmet featured on the figure.  That being said, this review will probably be the shortest out of all four because I’ve said a lot of what I would say here in the Dark Despot Skeletor review.

The bio for this figure is a continuation of the one featured on the Dark Despot Skeletor packaging.  These things are so well written and, as I’ve already mentioned, I want to see all these bios for this wave fleshed out into graphic novel form (or a cartoon).  Unfortunately, you can see Skeletor still can’t win the big one but will probably be back in some capacity in the future after yet another defeat by a rejuvenated He-Man.  Make sure you read all the bios!

The figure is a bit taller than the other Skeletor due to the helmet.  Besides that, all the articulation functions the same as the other figure (and most MOTUC figures).  All the articulation joints are perfect except the right ankle.  This seems to be something that has been the trend with all the figures in the wave.  I don’t know why the right ankle joint is the loosest.

I’ve already gushed about the work done on the outfit on this figure.  All the sculpting over the chest armor and the shoulder armor is top notch.  What really blows me away is the work done on all the various emblems on the lower half of the figure and the pieces that drape from the shoulders past its knees.  I think I really like the gold paint on them because I think I can appreciate the work done on them even more now.  They are all just clearer.  Once again, props to the Four Horsemen for going all out doing all this.

The helmet is quite the sight.  While it’s all gold (except the red jewel in the middle), it’s quite striking.  I think that size of it, horizontally and vertically, makes this figure seem even larger than it is.  The sculpt is great and none of the details are hard to see.

I love the work done on the mouth area and the bottom cheeks.  You can still see the work done to make Skeletor’s visage shine through.  The teeth make him look pretty ticked off and the slightly squinted eyes help convey his emotions.  Speaking of the eyes, they really stand out against the gold.  It’s all just done so well.  Many props!

This figure only comes with one accessory: the staff.  It’s the same one that came with Dark Despot Skeletor, but painted in gold.  It looks great and the sculpt of the staff itself has made it one of my favourite MOTUC accessories.  I really wish we would have gotten one more accessory with the figure, but I’m not sure what else would have gone along with it.  Maybe if I could force myself to sit through the movie once again, I could find something.  Odds are that won’t happen.


Here are the two Skeletor figures side by side.  You can see, just like the Karg figures, the difference a new coat of paint can make on a figure.


This figure sure has a huge presence about it.  With the helmet being so huge and over the top, as well as the gold being vibrant and almost glistening, I’m sure many will stop and take a second look if they pass this on your shelf.  I know a bunch of people will when this figure is up on yet another shelf I have to build (well, my bro-in-law who is the handyman) to display this wave and the last six Club Grayskull figures that just arrived.


I think this figure is my favourite from the wave.  I thought it may be before they showed up, but the excellent paint on Commander Karg, the surprising amount of detail on Rebel He-Man, and the overall cool factor of Dark Despot Skeletor, made it harder than anticipated.

I think this was a great way for Super7 to go out on the Classics line.  I know they’ve taken a lot of flack, some of it I think is justified, but they showed off what they could do well here.  Again, I also have to give The Four Horsemen major props for making these figures come to life and all their hard work throughout the years on this line.  It’s bittersweet for this line to end but man, what a ride it’s been.  I’m very grateful.


Thank you to everyone who has checked out my reviews on this wave and followed me on various social media and YouTube because of them.  Thanks as well to the various Facebook groups who let me share my stuff, as well Battle Ram Blog, and for all the support.  Also, make sure to check out the upcoming Action Figure Adventure documentary that is coming out. Stay tuned for the Club Grayskull figure reviews (six figures)!

Enjoy the video review!