Masters of the Universe Classics Rebel Leader He-Man Review


Yesterday I posted my review of Commander Karg and this feature focusing on the second figure of the new Super7 MOUTC William Stout collection wave.  It’s bittersweet because these are probably the last Classics figures that will be made.

In my review of Karg, I went over a) what the deal is with the “William Stout” label and b) my usual diatribe when I’m discussing the Masters of the Universe: The Motion Picture from 1987 (hint: it sucks).  If you haven’t read it, check it out.  I just don’t want to repeat myself again here when I can get right to the figure.

As you can see, the packaging for the Classics line hasn’t changed and that’s good for completists like me, who have a mint in box collection (along with a loose one).  Wanna see it? Check out my collection video! I gotta do an update in the next month!

While the figure is based on He-Man’s look in the feature film, the bio steers clear away from the movie, just like Commander Karg’s.  It’s really cool to read about so many events that happened to He-Man over a number of years.  The stuff that happens in the bio makes me really want to see a cartoon or comic series that picks up after the New Adventures events so I can see all this stuff unfold.  It’s quite the exciting read and also explains why He-Man looks young again and the deal with his new gear.

The figure itself is actually a bit taller than the other Classics figures.  This figure is about just over half an inch (close to 1.5 cm for us Canucks) taller than the standard Classics figures.  I’m not sure why Super7 decided to make He-Man taller.  Perhaps it’s because Super7 wanted this wave to stand as its own entity.  If that’s the case, I don’t understand the bio making this costume and aesthetic of He-Man go into Classics cannon if it’s not meant to fit in with the other figures in the line.  I’m not going to dwell on it, though, as this figure will be lined up on my shelf with the other three figures in this wave anyway.

The articulation on this figure is the standard stuff found on all other Classics figures. Everything is pretty tight without feeling like any joints will break if you move them.  The only articulation that’s hindered a bit is the upper legs due to the low hanging belt.  This figure won’t be sitting in any vehicles in my house, so I’m not bothered by it.

I have no idea why I didn’t notice it in the promo shots (and maybe it was different), but it surprised me so much when I saw the cape was actually soft goods (cloth).  I can only imagine how some may bothered because some collectors loathe soft goods, but I think it looks great.  It helps the with the placement of the sword in the sheath.  It hangs well but the little part that’s open like a little flap in the middle at the top looks a bit out of place.

The outfit on this figure is phenomenal.  There is so much detail to be found on the shoulder pads, the emblem in the middle of the chest, the emblem on his biceps, the gauntlets, the belt and weapon holsters, and the lower leg armor.  The paint and the wash on top make all the details really pop and you can sit for a long period of time just admiring all the work the Four Horsemen put into sculpting all of it.

The one issue with the top armor piece I had on one of my figures is the left strap that goes under He-Man’s left arm got caught and tied up with the lower strap piece, causing it to stretch.  I show it in my video review that’s embedded at the end, so make sure to check that out.  The pics below are of the figure that didn’t have that piece stretched out.

The main portrait (yes, there is more than one), is more impressive in hand than I thought it would be.  While not 100%, it’s a pretty decent likeness to Dolph Lundgren, especially with the side profile and the hair.  The hair is done really well, getting in all the different long layers with the wash over top of the hair really helping bring them out.

The face has that serious, yet kinda bored, look I remember Lundgren having in the film  There’s no real emotion to be found.  I wish the pupils were painted on a bit more accurately, but it’s only noticeable with these close up pics.  The head looks a bit glossier than the rest of the body, but it’s not as glossy as other Super7 releases, nor is it so bad that it detracts from the figure.  Even the skin tone difference isn’t that bad.  I heard it was but I think it may be because of how they were doing the facial hair shadow.  I’m totally OK with what we got here.

The second head is…weird.  It’s an amalgamation of a more realistic head and an animated looking head, smushed into one.  I don’t know the point of it or why it was added.  Maybe there’s something I’m missing or didn’t read somewhere.

The second head really does nothing for me and I’m curious to see if anyone would make that their go-to portrait if they weren’t nuts like me and bought two just to display both heads on their figure.

The figure comes with a bunch of different accessories/weapons.  You get He-Man’s sword, a blaster, a dagger, and a small little knife.  The sword and the blaster are cool weapons that fit in the figure’s hands well, but the dagger and little knife are basically for show.  The figure can’t hold either of them, so they get tucked into where they need to be on the figure.  The little knife gets placed in the right boot and it’s very loose there.  Be careful because it may fall out and it’s small enough to easily lose.  The dagger gets put in its sheath on the right side of the belt.

F11F8611-FCAF-4299-808A-EF2A7B605AB9_1_201_aThe sword has a cool looking cross guard design.  The gold with the silver on the blade really makes the sword stand out.  The paint work done on this gives me hope that the weapons for the upcoming Conan the Barbarian figures from Super7 will look really great, too.

I showed the sword fitting snugly into the sheath earlier above, but there’s also a little clamp that holds the handle in place, keeping the sword in the proper position.  That was a cool little addition I wasn’t expecting.

I’ve never been a big “He-Man having a gun” guy, so while the blaster looks cool in hand, I think he may have it in its holster on my shelf.  Then again, having him packing heat and holding a sword at the same time could create some fun poses.

For fun, I decided to get ol’ Gwildor off the shelf and put him beside He-Man.  It may be the only time I do so because, man, I can’t stand Gwildor, although the figure turned out well.


To get Gwildor out of our heads, let’s feast our eyes on some more He-Man poses!

As I say in the my video review, I did not expect this figure to turn out as well as it did.  The level of detail, the amount of accessories, and the mostly clean paint job make for one good figure.  The Four Horsemen and Super7 are going out on a high note and I still have two more figures to feature this week!


Enjoy the video review! Stay tuned for Dark Despot Skeletor tomorrow and God Skeletor on Thursday!