January 25

2020 WWE Royal Rumble Predictions


Source: WWE.com

I haven’t written about wrestling much lately.  I’m still going to get to major PPVs, but not only did I not write anything for my site after Clash of Champions in September of 2019!!! Why? I have found WWE’s product to be so uninspiring and they’ve made so many mistakes it’s not even funny.  I’ve been content watching AEW Dynamite and NXT.

Here are just a few of the things that have blown my mind.  WWE actually messed up the Hell in the Cell match between Rollins and Wyatt (ahem, The Fiend), something I never would have guessed.  Now The Fiend has been cold and Rollins is a heel.  The PPV cards have been so boring and many without any reason or purpose.  Rusev, Lana, and Lashley have been dreadful, and they’re still focusing on Reigns and Corbin?  What about the part time champ that does nothing?  The women’s division (especially the tag division) have seemed like an afterthought.

There doesn’t seem like there has been that much build up to the Rumble this year.  I don’t know why that is.  Maybe I’m just not as invested anymore.  This is the time of year where there’s supposed to be energy in the air when it comes to WWE because we’re about to get on the road to Wrestlemania and the Royal Rumble PPV is the kickoff.  Unfortunately, the hype to this kickoff has been subpar.

I am excited to watch the show because I love the surprises that usually come with the Royal Rumble matches.  Hopefully we’ll get some surprise entrants that will blow our minds.  Here are my thoughts on what may go down on the show.


Andrade (Champ) vs. Humberto Carrillo –
United States Championship

Source: WWE.com

Andrade has been on a roll lately and his heel tactics are making him a real great villain for the crowd to boo.  It’s hard because he’s so damn good in the ring.  Carrilo has come back into the fold with Andrade and wants to get some revenge himself.  Props for WWE to try and have an actual feud with two more recent wrestlers to the company than the same ol’ people we’ve seen fighting over the US Championship.  I think Andrade will get DQd here trying to cheat or due to Zelina Vega and the feud will continue.

Winner: Carrillo


Shorty G vs. Sheamus


Poor Chad Gable.  Why the hell Vince and his yes men have to keep sticking to this nickname for Gable is beyond me.  I find it insulting and Gable just has to go with it and try and make it work.  Maybe Vince thinks the crowd will get behind someone called “Shorty” because they’ll empathize with him.  The thing is, the crowd can get behind him because he’s a phenomenal athlete.

Diatribe aside, Sheamus is back and looking to kick ass.  WWE brought him back as a heel and Sheamus needs to make a statement with an aggressive win, and that’s what he’ll get here.  There’s no way Sheamus isn’t winning his come-back match.

Winner: Sheamus


Bayley (Champ) vs. Lacey Evans –
SmackDown Women’s Championship

Source: WWE.com

When Bayley appeared with her new look and attitude, I really dug it.  I wanted to see what she could do with a heel and the transformation worked initially.  I don’t think Bayley has gotten as much heat as she could get.  They need her to be nastier and more aggressive while doing cheap heel stuff.  They can’t rely on Sasha Banks’ heat just to pass on to Bayley.

Lacey Evans is back in the title picture after being unsuccessful against Lynch in 2019.  I don’t think it’s her time yet because she still needs a little more work in the ring to be able to carry the championship for the blue brand.  I think a few good matches with Bayley in a row where she finally overcomes many obstacles from Bayley and Banks will help her if they choose to put the belt on Evans for a while.  Tonight isn’t the night, though.

Winner: Bayley


Roman Reigns vs. King Corbin
(Falls Count Anywhere Match)

Source: WWE.com

Yawn.  The same people will interfere in this match who were all in the main event on Friday night on Smackdown: The Usos, Ziggler, and Zayn).  In typical Romans Reigns match fashion, he’ll get his ass whupped throughout most of the match and come back to win over all the odds.  Hopefully that means this feud will be over with and we can all move on.

Winner: Roman Reigns


Becky Lynch (Champ) vs. Asuka –
Raw Women’s Championship

Source: WWE.com

Here’s a match that could be the match of the night.  These two are great together and I’ve loved the story they have told.  Reminding the audience how Lynch just hasn’t been able to beat Asuka in the past and how it affects her has made for some good TV.  With Asuka being part of the women’s tag champions, there’s just no way her winning here makes sense.  Lynch is heading towards Wrestlemania to face the person I think will win the Rumble….and I’ll get to that in a minute.  Lynch gets her redemption moment here.

Winner: Becky Lynch


2020 Women’s Royal Rumble Match

Source: WWE.com

As of the time of writing this, there have been only seven, yes SEVEN women announced for the match.  It seems like this has just not been a priority to hype on TV.  I’m sure we may see some women from NXT (and NXT UK) get involved as well as a surprise entrant or two.  I hope it’s good but I don’t think it will be anywhere nearly as good as last years.  That one was awesome.  I’m predicting the newest NXT call-up (who isn’t officially announed) as the winner.  The person that needs to take Lynch to the limit at Wrestlemania (while telling a fresh story).

Winner: Shayna Baszler.


2020 Men’s Royal Rumble Match

Source: WWE.com

The men’s match has been hyped better and as of the time of writing this, 26 men have been announced for the match.  That leaves only four spots for people to make surprise entrances.  That’s a bit disappointing unless others announced get pulled.  Perhaps will see one or two NXT talents, so the surprise people better be damn good.  I know Edge has been rumoured to come back, but I don’t believe it until I see it.  Booker T has also teased showing up for the match.

I think the big story here is how Drew McIntyre is going to do and how long Brock Lesnar will stay in the ring.  When it was announced that Lesnar was going to enter number one, I thought we were going to get one boring ass hell Rumble with Lesnar tossing people out of the ring almost immediately and just standing and waiting for the next person to arrive.  I hope that’s not the case because the crowd may turn on that stuff quick.

In any case, it’s still always fun to see who may win until it comes down to the final four and I’m booing because I don’t want any of the finalists to win.  Hopefully Drew McIntyre gets to the final four and wins this thing.  It’s time for WWE to go to the finish line with him and give Brock Lesnar someone to kick his ass at Wrestlemania.  That’s my pick!

Winner: Drew McIntyre


“The Fiend” Bray Wyatt (Champ) vs. Daniel Bryan –
Universal Championship Match (Strap Match)

Source: WWE.com

I feel WWE took the wind out of The Fiend’s sails after the Hell in the Cell match with Rollins.  While they tried to reserve the character by having regular Bray Wyatt feud and wrestle The Miz, I just don’t think the damage they did has gone away.  Watching The Fiend stab his own hand and sign the contract for the match in his blood was good, I just hope something happens in this match to build The Fiend again.

The Fiend can’t lose via pinfall here or the character is dead, so we’re not seeing a title change, even with both men strapped together.  The gimmick will make for an interesting match and I’m sure we’ll see a few tasty spots.  That said, I wonder where Daniel Bryan will go next after this match and who The Fiend will be fighting at Wrestlemania.

Winner: The Fiend