NECA’s Toony Terrors Series 2 Action Figure Review


It wasn’t that long ago that I took a look at two figures from the first wave of NECA’s Toony Terrors line, Freddy and Jason.  I didn’t pick up the two Pennywise figures because I think I had Pennywise overload at the time.  Now that wave/series two is out, I may have to track them down because I’m loving this line more and more.

Although I hang these guys up on my walls, I think they are phenomenal figures with a great cartoon/animated style, almost as an homage to Scooby-Doo.  They may not have a lot of articulation, but because they are about half the price of NECA’s regular figures (especially the “Ultimate” line), they are a great bang for the buck.  Here’s my quick take on each of the four figures.


Michael Myers (Halloween)

I’ll start off talking about the packaging and I’ll only do it for this figure because I don’t want to have to repeat myself for every figure.  I love how the characters are on display in front of a movie theatre with their respective movie’s title highlighted.  The other thing that is really cool is how there is a picture of the figure on the movie posters featured to the right and left of the figure.

On the back you’re treated to a backdrop to display behind the figure.  I really wish there was a plastic piece included to be able to stand the backdrops upright.  While many companies would just post the rest of the figures in the series on the back, it’s interesting to see NECA do something different.  If I opened these guys (and had the room to display hundreds of loose figures), I’m not sure I’d use these backdrops due to the fact there’s no little plastic stand for them.  I suppose people could track something down that would work.

Michael Myers has the iconic scene with front door and the pumpkin.  The figure would stand perfectly at the bottom of the stairs.

I think Michael Myers translates very well to this style.  The jumpsuit, while not the most exciting, is done well with wrinkles found all over it.  The undershirt is also sculpted onto the figure and painted.

The mask is sculpted very well, too! I love the lines added for the eyebrow area, the cheeks and just underneath the mouth.  This adds so much depth to the mask where it could have just been eye holes, a nose and mouth.  Much applause for this one.

The knife has a really cool paint application, just like found on Jason’s machete and Freddy’s glove, where it looks like there’s light hitting the blade.  It’s a cool effect and I’m glad they added it to the metal weapons.

Lastly, the pumpkin with the evil face is a great bonus accessory.  I’m sure NECA could have just given us the figure and the weapon, like they did with all the characters in series one, so having a little bonus is appreciated, especially when it looks so cool.


Pinhead (Hellraiser)

The leader of the Cenobites gets plastic representation in this line.  This is a great teaser for the upcoming Ultimate Pinhead (which I think I’ll be buying two of so I have one to open for sure).  Not surprising, the backdrop for this figure is the Cenobite lair with the Pillar of Souls in the background surrounded by hooks.  Man, that’s creepy.  Did I ever mention in past features where I have Pinhead representation that I saw this movie for the first time when I was around 10 or 11? Yikes!

I love the sculpt of the outfit on this figure.  The tools are sculpted around his waist and the bondage-like apparel doesn’t seem to be missing too much to the details found on larger figures.  I mean, look at the bellybutton area!

The portrait on this one isn’t one of my favourites, though.  While the expression on the face isn’t too bad.  What I think bugs me the most is there is a lack of protruding pins on Pinhead.  I wish the “pins” came out a bit more and I think that would have helped.  Even if the pins were kept how they are but had a dab of silver paint on them, that may have made me like it more.  I understand that this is more of a “budget” line, but this portrait just doesn’t do it for me.

As you can see in the full figure picture, Pinhead comes with the Lament Configuration.  I suppose that’s fitting because a) Pinhead needs it and b) the figure is sculpted to hold it.  He’d look silly without it between his hands.

I don’t think it will happen, but I’d love to see some of the other Cenobites (mainly from the first two films) done in this style.


Chuck & Tiffany (Bride of Chucky)

After the first two original Child’s Play movies, the series lost me.  Cult of Chucky was an abomination.  I didn’t even see the remake/reboot because I thought Chucky looked so bad.  Nonetheless, while Bride of Chucky isn’t a favourite, it is still cool to get figures of Chucky and Tiffany and the backdrop of the graveyard is a fitting choice.

This two-pack cost a few bucks more than the other three in the series due to the extra plastic needed to make two smaller figures.  While they are smaller in size, the sculpts on them are pretty good.

While the Chucky’s portrait is good, I think it gets overshadowed by Tiffany’s.  I think it turned out better than I had anticipated and my eye is drawn to her and her outfit more than Chucky.  While I don’t smoke, I have to hand it to NECA to keep characters in plastic form to their on-screen representation by including the cigarette for Tiffany.


Leatherface (The Texas Chainsaw Massacre)

I’m not gonna lie, this was the one I wanted the most from this series and my most anticipated.  The Texas Chainsaw Massacre is a masterpiece and one of my favourite horror movies of all time, so any new Leatherface representation is great for me!

The backdrop features the wall behind the steel door where Leatherface first appears in the film.  It’s disturbing and will make you jump.

I’m surprised this figure didn’t command a larger price point due to the amount of plastic used for Leatherface.  This guy is large and bulky compared to Myers and Pinhead.

While it’s a less expensive NECA figure, there’s still a bunch of colour to be found on his outfit and they didn’t skimp on the details, with the tie being exposed and the bracelet on his left wrist.  I really wish there was some blood splattered on the apron.  That would have brought the figure up even another notch in my books.

The mask sculpt is great and, while it’s an animated look, you can still get a sense of terror from the figure.  That tongue sticking out just slightly is enough to make you think of the horrors unleashed in the film by Leatherface.

The chainsaw is really large and over the top.  It’s perfect to go along with the figure.  I also with there was some blood splattered on it to give a bit more character.  Overall, this is my favourite figure from this series (with Myers just behind it).

There you go! There’s another great wave of figures.  Series three has been announced and features The Nun from The Conjuring, Count Orlok (Nosferatu), and Ash (based on his Evil Dead 2 look).  I’ll probably be snagging ol’ Count and Ash, but be passing on The Nun, as I haven’t gotten into The Conjuring films.  Until then….

Enjoy the video review (where I mention things I may not mention here).