NECA Ultimate Trick ‘r Treat Sam & Retro Clothed Sam Figures Review


Full disclosure: I didn’t see 2007’s Trick ‘r Treat until last year.  I always heard great things about this horror anthology, but I just never got around to watching it. Thankfully I was in a store in October and I picked up a version on Blu Ray (shown in the video review at the end of this feature) for about $12.  I couldn’t help myself! It was a great price, a film I heard awesome things about, and featured a lenticular cover.  I’m a sucker for those.

I’ve seen the Sam character here and there since the movie came out.  All the different versions of him by various companies looked really cool and piqued my interest for this film even more.  I know NECA had produced a Sam figure many years ago and it goes for big bucks on the aftermarket (well, about $100 US).  Thankfully, with their new Ultimate line, NECA decided that Sam would be a good candidate for it and the figure has been released with new additions and many accessories.

Seeing how NECA is on a roll with their retro-clothed figures, Sam fit into that line perfectly, too.  After watching the film, there was no way I was missing out on these two figures.  Here are my thoughts.


Trick ‘r Treat Retro Clothed Sam

First off, I collect these and hang them on my wall (or display them on a shelf).  I love the packaging too much to open them.  I know it’s been said that these clam shell packages are able to be opened and resealed, but I have yet to ever be able to do that.

Back to the art: I love the little Sam beside the actual figure on the front.  On the back you can clearly see pics of the figure posed and without the sack on the figure’s head.  I love that NECA did that so people like me, who display them by not opening them, can admire the work done on the portrait.

While I haven’t played with the articulation myself, I know there’s some to be found in the arms, shoulders, wrists, legs, knees and ankles.  The outfit (jumpsuit) has that old school bedtime wear look to it.  The little patches on the front really make me think he’s been wearing these for a long time.  From the front, all the stitching and work done on it looks pretty clean.


I think the main thing NECA really had to nail here was the sack that is placed over the figure’s head.  Not surprising, they did.  I love all the stitching work done on it, and the material used for the sack head looks film accurate.  This is one of those figures were I’d really love to see the production for overseas and how it’s made/assembled.  I don’t think people will be disappointed with how this figure looks.  Even the portrait that’s shown on the back, that I can show here due to me not opening my figures (sorry), looks great.


There’s not much for the accessories with this figure, but what else does Sam really need (besides perhaps some of the stuff included with the Ultimate figure)?  The sack looks great and seems to be the same material used for the sack head.  The lollipop weapon is in full force and it’s cool to see that they didn’t miss out on getting the handle painted.  This is a great figure!


Trick ‘r Treat Ultimate Sam

I know the retro-style clothed figures aren’t for everyone, with many collectors despising figures with soft goods, so NECA thankfully has the haters covered with their all plastic Ultimate Sam.  I can’t really compare this figure to the first release because I don’t have it, but from what I read (and viewed) this is basically a brand new body sculpt with even more accessories tossed in. The colour is also different.  I’m just not 100% sure if the head sculpt is brand new or not.

The packaging for this figure is great.  You’ll be able to make it out more in the video review, but the box has this metallic-like finish to it.  It’s quite the stunning package.    I love how Sam is sitting down on the side of the box.  He looks so calm before going out to murder.

The back of the package has the same metallic look as the front and features the figure in the different poses and showcases the figure’s various heads that come included with it.

For those, like me, that display in the boxes, NECA has us collectors covered.  The inside flap always has a great shot of the figure, while the window box packaging allows me to admire the figure itself and all the wonderful stuff it comes with.

Although this figure is plastic, that didn’t prevent NECA from sculpting in the creases and folding of the fabric in various places in the jumpsuit/pajamas.  The paint wash creates areas that look dirtier than others.  As well, the patches on the clothed figure’s outfit are sculpted on here.

All four portraits are simply spot on, sculpt-wise and with the paint.  You get two sack heads and two heads that expose Sam’s face.  You’ll notice one with pumpkin innards leaking from the forehead.  I’m so impressed they included that head as it was a pretty cool part of the movie, without giving any spoilers away.

I love the work they did on the sack heads to give them the textures they need.  The same kind of paint wash is also given to the sack heads to give them some areas of uncleanliness.  This is one of those figures where, if I opened it and had the room to display it, I would have a very hard time choosing which head to display the figure with.  It would almost be a figure where I’d want to go buy four of them so all four heads could be displayed on the figure and admired.

There are many extras that come with the figure.  First, you get two pumpkins, with the one with the flame bursting out of it being able to light up (an excellent choice to include).  You also get one extra gripping hand, a hand that has the pumpkin innards coming out of it (again, don’t want to get into spoilers, but it’s so cool NECA included this, too), a candy bar knife, and the lollipop weapon.  If you don’t think that thing could do anything effective, then you really need to see the film!  Lastly, and not surprisingly, Sam also includes his sack.

There we go: short, sweet and (excuse the pun) a killer figure.  If you haven’t seen this film, make sure you do so, and don’t wait until next Halloween.  It’s really great and it’ll make you collectors, especially horror fans, want to get at least one of these guys for your own collection.  I’m now officially on the Sam bandwagon and need more of this little guy around the man-cave.

Enjoy the video!