IG-11…and More Recent Star Wars Figures Review.


I’m back with some more Star Wars swag I bought the beginning of December, 2019.  I was able to find three more exclusives for The Vintage Collection and two for The Black Series.  I don’t have much more to lead with, so let’s get to it!



From the hit show, The Mandalorian, we have IG-11!  I loved the IG-88 character and his sixth show figure from Sideshow Collectibles is a favourite of mine.  Thankfully, I really also liked Black Series figure.  Knowing IG-11 is basically the same figure, but with a different paint scheme and double strapped bandolier, made this a double edged sword for me: I wanted to get the new character to add to my collection, but there’s not much new here, especially for the $35 price tag.  I guess you see that I bought it after all – thankfully cheaper and on sale.

This bad boy was a Best Buy exclusive in the US while us Canadians found ours in Toys R Us stores.

The shiny and metallic paint job helps bring out some of the sculpting and wiring, and that makes the character/figure more interesting to look at.  I like spending time going over all the little details.

The double bandolier, to me, doesn’t have the pizazz as IG-88’s one does and I wish it looked fancier.  This one reminds me of the Wild West.  Nonetheless, it does differentiate the two characters enough for me.


Sith Trooper

Yeah, this figure came out already.  What, you say? This Sith Trooper is the same figure released a few months before this one but with the addition of multiple weapons, thanks to this being an Amazon exclusive.  Leading up The Rise of Skywalker, I was very curious to see how these weapons would be each used in the film.  To my dismay I didn’t notice too much in the movie and really craved more screen time for all the Troopers.  I really need another viewing of the film soon.

As you can see, the glossy red visage and the markings make it the same figure.  Three of the weapons to the right are new.  The one I really get a chuckle out of is the one that look like “the jaws of life” (the hydraulic rescue tool).  I can only imagine seeing Sith Troopers use it as such.


Luke Skywaker (Skywalker Strikes)

One of the last convention exclusives ended up being available in many places and I don’t think it’s hard to get your hands on one, if you haven’t yet.  This figure is based off of the Skywalker Strikes comic that came out in 2015.  I haven’t read it but I thought this an exclusive worth getting just for the packaging and accessories.

While the Luke figure is the basically same figure that came out on its own in the standard Black Series box, it is housed in the famous Death Star paneling.


The outfit is painted cleanly, but it isn’t very exciting, especially for an exclusive figure.  The textures on the shirt and jacket are done well, though.

I find this head sculpt to be pretty decent for this Luke.  He doesn’t have a lot of expression, though.  It looks like the left side of his nose is a tad higher.


The main reason to pick up this set to get a whole host of accessories.  You get a lightsaber, blaster, blast helmet, and a training droid.  I’m not entirely sure what the two on the bottom left are.  For those that have the room to display these figures, and who also like to repose figures often, they’ll get a lot of fun choices here.

Those are my quick thoughts on some of my newest figures.  Watch the video review below to hear some thoughts I don’t mention here.  Cheers!