Mezco One:12 Collective Freddy Krueger Action Figure Review


The bastard son of a thousand maniacs has finally gotten the One:12 treatment courtesy of Mezco.  I started my journey down the rabbit hole with this line with the Michael Myers figure.  I was so impressed, I wanted to keep the horror figures going, so I purchased Ash and, of course, Jason Voorhees.  All the figures were fantastic and only made me want to get my favourite horror villain of all time in my hands even sooner.  That time has finally arrived and I can say again, that Mezco did not disappoint.

This version of Freddy is based on his appearance in the first A Nightmare on Elm Street film.  Just like Jason, I think Mezco could do multiple version of the character based on the sequels by including the various weapons, accessories, and the slightly different looks of the characters.  What they have done with this figure just made me want even more immediately.

The packaging, which is very, very, collector friendly, features Freddy’s sweater as the background with the logo front and centre.  I love the touch of adding the glove ripping through the package at the side and leaving the front clean.  It’s effective.  The back of the packing is great because not only does it show the figure in various poses, it clearly shows the consumer all that is included.  For those new to this line, who are fans of these characters/properties Mezco features in this line, I think this is a great way to get new customers.  Finally, you can see the inside where everything is packed securely and can return back in the package with no problems.

The figure is about 6″ tall and there’s plenty of articulation to be found.  All points (neck, shoulders, elbows, wrists, legs and ankles) all work very well.  Nothing is stiff or loose, working great right out of the box.  The only thing I would have liked to have seen is just a bit more movement for the ankles/boots.

The iconic sweater’s stripes may not be 100% spot-on, but I think it’s pretty good.  I’ve read many people’s gripes are with the colours not being to their liking.   I love how the sweater has many spots/areas where there are blood stains.  It shows he’s been down to business.  The tailoring on it is done very well.

The pants show wear and tear as well, showing spots in the knees and upper crotch area, where you can tell he’s not wearing something new.  The front looks good, but I don’t like the work on the figure’s ass of the pants.  I don’t think the stitching looks as tight as it could be and it’s probably the biggest flaw of this figure for me.  It stands out every time I look at it.  Thankfully, I’ll only see this figure from the front when it’s on display.

The portrait that is shipped on the figure is f’n amazing.  What’s even wilder is that this is the first of four (well you could say five, but I’ll get to that later).  I’ve collected many Freddy figures over the years.  NECA, McFarlane, Mezco, and Sideshow are all companies I’ve purchased Freddy figures from (in various scales) and these portraits are probably the best (if not some of) I now have in my collection.

I find the proportions of the face, the size of the nose and ears, and the placement of the burns/facial muscles showing, were nailed.  The grimace on this face works well, too.  I think my little nit-pick would be the right eye needing to be as open as the left, but that’s just me.

Although I would have added this item in the accessories section, I decided to showcase it here with all the portraits.  I’m talking about Freddy’s iconic hat.  I think it sits almost perfectly on each portrait.  I’m also a big fan with how it’s sculpted.

The second portrait gives Freddy a sickening grin.  You just know he’s up to no good when looking at it.  Whether it’s him taunting one of his victims, cracking a bad joke, or laughing after he’s taken a teen out, you can see it all just by looking at this portrait.

If you want one hell of an angry Freddy, look no further than this portrait.  While maniacal, I just don’t know if this is the one I’ll keep on my figure.  I mean, this is a pissed off look, but Freddy has never come across as a “pissed off guy” to me.  I guess in the first two movies, this kind of look comes more across as serious business, and we know he was really dark in the first two films.  I just don’t know if this is THE look for my figure.  My apologies for not having a pic of the hat on this head.  I thought I took it.

This last head that can be swapped onto the figure can actually count as two portraits.  The first one I’m not really a fan of because he kinda looks like a burned Popeye to me.  Even with this portrait, the hat fits on well.

Taking off the skin portion reveals the front of a skull with even more muscle tissue and blood showing.  The skin is a slightly different shade and doesn’t match 100%.  That doesn’t bother me too much because if I was swapping out the heads, I’d be displaying this figure with the skull showing anyway.

I think it’s cool that Mezco decided to include this portrait where Tina slides the face off because it’s such a disturbing part of the movie, although it only last seconds.  It adds even more value to a figure that is already worth every penny.

While I don’t think many will keep this face on as their “go-to” portrait, it’s a fun one for those who take the effort to change it up now and then.  For those that, who like me with MOTUC, buy enough figures to display with all portraits included, then, it’s gonna be extra dough!

In a scale like this, you just gotta love the details on the glove.  You have all the paint accents in the right place with the skin showing right where you need it on the inside.  I’ll nit-pick here, too, by saying I wish the razors came more to a sharpened point than they do here.  The glove, and the alternate one I’ll get to, are very delicate.  Be careful when handling them because I could see the knives snapping easily.

When you swap off this glove for the other one I’ll be showcasing soon, take notice there is a small little “glove” piece that stays above the peg and could be easily lost.

As for the accessories, Freddy comes with four different hands you can swap in and out.  You get an alternate glove with a pointing finger, and three left hands (open, a fist and the one where the fingers have been sliced off to recreate another scene in the film).

While there’s no real use for it, Mezco included the trash can lid that gets rolled as Tina is getting stalked.  I’ll probably place it near the feet of my figure.

While the figure can stand well, a stand featuring the iconic movie poster is included.  You can place the figure on it securely by putting the foot on the peg.  There is also a clear stand included that has also come with the other figures I’ve reviewed and showcased in those reviews.  I didn’t use them, so I didn’t even take the one that came with this figure out of the tray.  A bag to hold the accessories is also included but because everything here is so collector friendly, I’ll just put the stuff I’m not using back in the tray.


I had a lot of fun posing this figure and taking various pictures.  I’m sure many Freddy fans are going to have a ball with all the different options to be found with this guy.


I’m predicting in the long haul that this will be my main display option: the creepy, happy grin with the pointing glove and the sliced fingers.  I mean, I have other Freddy figures that aren’t like this, so it makes sense for where (I can find to) display it.

Freddy feels at home with his serial killer crew from the Mezco One:12 line.  I added this one from my Instagram account I took with my phone.  It seemed only fitting.


Again, I am so pleased with this Mezco figure.  So much so, that I will openly plea to the company to make more Freddy and Jason figures (although I’m sure the lawsuit will continue to hinder the new licensing of new figures).  I’ll also plea them to make even more iconic horror figures.  My top two now are Leatherface and Pinhead.  Do it, Mezco!!! I have Pennywise on pre-order and now after four of these figures, I don’t think I’ll be disappointed.  Get this figure!

Enjoy the video review!!! Happy New Year to all, and thank you to anyone who reads, who interacts, who shares, who is new or old to my site, who subs, or just spreads positivity.  Here’s to a great 2020!