Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker Black Series Wave Review


I know, I know….I disappeared again! Well, I finished up a crazy last week of work before the holidays that included going to see Life of Agony and The Rise of Skywalker.  Then I just relaxed and hung out with family and friends, like I have the past few years during this time.

I was supposed to have my take on this latest wave a figures up when I got them around the beginning of December, but I was waiting on getting Wedge and the first take I did of the video review (embedded at the end) got deleted by accident, so I had to wait to have the chance to film again.  Make sure to watch (and sub) because I film and then discuss stuff in the written features I may not here.  Nonetheless, I think waiting was a bit better because I can periodically say a few things about The Rise of Skywalker. .

Quick blurb about TROS: I liked it.  Out of the three sequels, I think it was my favourite but I have to watch it a few more times.  Was it perfect? No.  Not many movies are.  Were there some questionable choices? I suppose that depends on who you talk to.  I was fine with 80-85% of the movie and I found it wrapped up everything pretty well.  The haters were going to hate and, I suppose, the biggest die-hards would love it no matter what.  Watch it and make your own decision.

I don’t know why this would also be considered “The Rise of Skywalker” wave where there are actually only two characters in the film.  Oh well.  What do I know?



For a person who got their first action figure in the first wave, Jannah sure didn’t have much screen time in the film or a huge impact.  I mean, she got way more than Rose in this one and Rose got a figure for the last film.

Screen time or lack of impact aside, a) I did like her character and b) this is a damn fine looking figure.  I find the appearance of the figure to really match the character in the film, where the portrait is spot on.  The outfit has many different accents and various bits to it to make it seem interesting and worth more than one quick look.  There seemed like there was a hint near the end of the film that we may see more of Jannah in the future, so we’ll see.



First Order Jet Trooper

I already took a look at this figure when I checked out all the carbonized exclusives.  I don’t know what more I can say that I already haven’t.  Perhaps that I’m surprised these guys didn’t get that much screen time either (same goes for some of the other new Troopers!)

The helmet still hasn’t grown on me.  It just looks too big.  I do like the clean look of the figure and how you can’t mistake this as just another style of Stormtrooper.  This one definitely looks better than the Carbonized version because I really like the clean look of it.


Luke Skywalker (Yavin Ceremony)

Oh man, where to begin on this one? I cannot believe the spelling errors on the front, back, and the side all got through quality control.  It’s actually funny to me and I seriously don’t mind it.  I won’t be picking up another one when it eventually gets re-released just to have one where the spelling is corrected.  I also don’t like the art on it.  This doesn’t look like Mark Hamill at all.

As for the figure itself, I don’t think the sculpt is too bad.  I mean, it’s kinda hard to make this version of Luke exciting when all he does is stand and get a medal.  I would have liked to have seen the figure with a sculpted smile instead.  One of my favourite parts of the figure, though, is the medal itself.

If you still need to get this figure, pay attention to the hair and the position of it on the head.  I’ve seen some online where it sits way too high.


Cara Dune

FULL confession: As of the time of writing this, I still haven’t watched The Mandaloiran.  I was planning to once they all came out so I could binge watch it.  Thankfully I just have over a week of vacation left and I’ll be getting to it sooner than later…once all my New Years guests leave.  And for the love of god, guys, enough with the Baby Yoda stuff already online.

As for the figure, damn…this portrait is great! Not only that, the outfit is sculpted well and unique, making for a stunning figure, especially the weathering found on it.  Let’s not forget about the larger than life (well, almost the figure) gun and the other two extras for her.  This is a figure that is worth the $30 price tag us Canucks pay for them.


Wedge Antilles

Go figure!  The hardest figure for me to track down was Wedge! Thankfully my buddy, Jay Bartlett, helped me track him down (cheers!).  This is a character you would have thought we would have gotten a figure of way sooner than this.  Sometimes late is better than never, right?

I’m pretty sure the outfit on this figure is basically the same as the one that was sculpted for their Luke figure.  That’s not a bad thing, though, as the outfit is done well.  I’ve always loved the look of the X-Wing pilots and I’m still kicking myself for not picking up the sixth scale version of Luke when it was available because it’s pretty pricey now.

The portrait is pretty damn good on this figure, too.  I wonder how many will pose their figure: helmet on or being held.  If I opened these figures and didn’t just hang them on my wall to admire, he’d be holding it so you could check out the great detail.  The expression does seem a bit sad, though.


Clone Commander Fox

Whoa! A site-only look! Yeah, I didn’t include this figure in my video review.  Why? As I was trying to get through it for a second time, I picked the wrong Trooper off my wall and took a second look at the Purge Stormtrooper by accident.  It wasn’t until my video was edited and uploaded did I realize my mistake as I was doing this written portion and adding the pictures.  Shit happens, right?

Anyway, this guy is an exclusive at EB Games here in Canada and came with a $36-37 price tag for some reason.  Nonetheless, Hasbro knows Troopers sell and people love army building with them.  I haven’t seen them on the shelves since the second week after I got mine.

Just like other Clone Troopers, there’s not much of a surprise with the basic parts of the armor, but that’s expected.  Just like the Purge Stormtrooper, I like the soft goods around the waist.

The best part of the figure, besides the weapons included, is the helmet.  I love the design of it and it works well as an action figure.  Props as well to all the weathering effects on the figure.  While the price should have been a bit more in-line with other figures,

Besides Luke, I think this was a quality wave and a solid one to end the year with, although a few more exclusives appeared.  No worries, I’ll show more of those soon enough.  Mind you, I haven’t scored a Force Spirit Yoda yet.  The guy never showed up here in any store, which is quite odd.

Enjoy the video and Happy New Year!!!