Masters of the Universe Classics Rewind – Octavia

2272225A-B739-456D-8531-F81E2E3FC544_1_201_aSometimes when I do these MOTUC Rewind features, I run into some bumps in the road.  It may be work/career overload, needing time to recharge my batteries, family time, or I may get the release of the figures mixed up while I try to go back through the line.  Last week, I took a look back at Clamp Champ, but this figure, Octavia, was released a month earlier in June of 2013.  I also missed The Fighting Foe Men, but I’ll rectify that soon enough.

Octavia appeared only in two episodes of the She-Ra: Princess of Power Filmation cartoon, from what I see while sleuthing the Internet.  I remember seeing her when I watched the show, and she stood out because she was a member from The Evil Horde, and a female one at that.  I don’t recall wanting or hankering for a figure of her when I was a kid but when she was announced for the MOTUC line, I thought it was pretty cool that she was getting her time in the plastic spotlight.

The bio of the figure, with a cringe-worth “real name,” basically tells you where Octavia started out and how she worked her way up the ranks of the Horde.  Additional information about the character can be found on Wiki Grayskull.  Nothing stood out for me as shocking, but it gives those people who bought a yearly sub a good foundation about the character.

My figure still holds up well, but the legs are where the figure isn’t as up to par with the others I have. The reason for that is because they are looser than I’d like them to be.  Many of the female figures in the line had looser legs then most of the men, I found.  Once you insert the tentacles into the back of the figure, you need sturdy legs to keep the figure upright.  She rarely falls off my shelf, but she has a few times.  I find have to pose the tentacles just right to make sure there’s less of a chance of her tipping over.

The outfit is pretty basic and doesn’t feature the ab-crunch most of the male figures have.  I really wish the female buck would have been redesigned with it.  I like how the Horde logo is front and centre, and clearly apparent on her boots.  All the paint on the figure is pretty good, too.

The four tentacles are solid pieces that can move up and down, but that’s it.  I wish there were articulation points on them, especially near the suction cups, or made of a bendable material so we could get more posing options from the figure.

I like the portrait on this figure.  There’s kind of a weird beauty to this octo-woman.  I think the Four Horsemen softened to look of the cartoon character just slightly and made the character more appealing.  The talent of those guys to take a 2D character from an 80s cartoon and turn that into this figure is astonishing.

The paint is done well on it and I think the eyes are spot on.  I don’t think anything seems out of proportion and works together.  I don’t think it would be any surprise that the large She-Ra hair hinders the movement of the head.  The plus side is that the hair covers up where you insert the tentacles.

Octavia comes with five accessories: the mandatory Horde crossbow and four swords.


The swords fit on the end of each of the tentacles.  I really love the Horde emblem being so in-your-face on the sword and the colour of it really makes each of the swords stand out when all four are clipped on.  Sometimes they tend to pop-off, but I can count a handful of times this has happened.  Then again, I don’t touch her after I have her posed often.



I think my favourite accessory is the crossbow.  It’s so unique looking.  The Cthulu inspired creature on it, and the smaller design, makes it stand out more from the male crossbows.  I always make sure she always has it in-hand on my shelf.  It’s a really cool looking weapon.


Combining the swords with the crossbow, and thinking about the draining power she has with the tentacles, even without the swords, makes this a villain many in Etheria and the Great Rebellion think twice about messing with.

While this figure wouldn’t rank in my top end of figures, it’s still a good addition to the line.  Perhaps her crossbow may make my top twenty weapons of the line, though.  The figure looks good when you get all the aspects perfectly in place, but it’s not a functional figure.  At least not as functional as it could have been.