Masters of the Universe Rewind – Clamp Champ

80E1BA62-53BD-446E-9D5F-B7D74CAAC46B_1_201_aIt’s been quite a while since I stepped into the world of MOTU! Many Star Wars releases flooded my collection that I wanted to feature (with at least one or two more to post in the next week or so).

When I was going to pause on Star Wars stuff and revisit my MOTUC Rewind series, work got really busy and my family also ended up with a nasty cold virus that kept changing, keeping all three of us ill for over two weeks.  Work has died down a bit and I’m feeling good, so it’s time to share some past MOTUC goodness.  I was hoping I’d actually get through looking back at 2013 by the end of this year.  That may not be happening but I’ll keep at it!

Clamp Champ was one of the vintage figures I never had as a kid.  The wave he was a part of wasn’t available where I was living at the time.  I was also starting to play and get interested with other properties.  My cousin had him, The Sorceress, and many others in this wave, so I still got to play with them when I visited him.  I just never owned many from this wave. Suffice to say, I loved figure and his accessory, so I was stoked when it was announced I would be getting Clamp Champ in July of 2013.

I really like the official real name (Raenius) for this character.  It actually fits into the MOTU lore for me.  The bio does make me a bit sad, though, because it does make mention about Duncan’s transformation to a Snake Man.  At least Raenius stepped up to the plate to be the new Man-At-Arms and kicked so much ass he got his own MOTU nick-name: Clamp Champ.

If you want even more goodness on the evolution of the Clamp Champ action figure, make sure to read Adam’s blog on the character over at Battle Ram Blog!

Almost seven years later, my figure’s articulation joints are all in great shape.  There’s no surprises whatsoever with the build and function of the figure if you have any other MOTU Classics.

I like the colour and look of Clamp Champ’s armour, although it’s basically the same one as Fisto, but with some more details added in some sections.  I’m not sure if they would actually have to create a whole new sculpt or just tweak Fisto’s.

Clamp Champ has a huge backpack piece, where Fisto did not.  I’m not sure what he’s carrying in there.  Is it a set of tools, considering he’s the new MAA? Is it more clamping tools? How about lunch? No matter what is in there, the little splashes of silver paint pop on it.

I was happy with how the portrait of this figure turned out.  It’s a great update of the vintage figure’s look but really adds personality to the figure.  While it may be just a bit more glossy than the rest of the figure, I don’t think it distracts from the overall look.  I think the brow, eyes, and expression with the mouth all work well together.

What’s Clamp Champ without his clamping accessories?  While there were no action features built into the weapons, at least the large one had pincers (or clamps) that could be positioned around another figure’s waist, or put into the position you want.  I also like the little details on the top of the large clamp, thanks to the additional sculpting and paint.


Both weapons fit snugly into this hands.  What I really like is how the large clamp doesn’t cause the figure to fall over.  I’m thankful my figure has tight joints!  The addition of the small clamp is a welcome addition and gives the figure more play value for the money.


This figure simply looks awesome when he has both clamps in-hand.  It makes him look serious and wants to get down to some business clamping some baddies. He always has them both in-hand on my shelf.


This is one of those figures that I not only like and appreciate because I never had the vintage figure, but I also love it because it’s just a great modern action figure with awesome weapons.  Yes, the figure isn’t as complicated or over-the-top as other characters in the MOTU world, but the Four Horsemen did a great job on him.  I know many don’t find the human figures as much fun as the villains, creatures, or monsters, but this would be a figure I’d be kicking myself for if I had missed him when he was available.


Note: I try to do these figures in this series in the order they were released.  Unfortunately, I got the photos for this figure ready before Octavia (June 2013’s figure) swearing she came before him until I double checked online.  Oh well, at least I have some MOTUC goodness up my site and will hopefully get to Octavia tomorrow or first thing next week.  That also means I missed the Fighting Foe Men entirely.  I guess I know what I’m taking photos of this weekend.  Stay tuned and sorry for the delay in getting a new entry out. Thanks to those that have messaged me asking when a new entry would finally be coming out.  It’s nice to know people read my stuff.