Star Wars: The Vintage Collection Wave 24 Review


October/early November has been a blessing and a curse.  It’s a blessing because there’s so much Star Wars project to be had.  The curse is on my wallet and I think I’m almost done talking about Star Wars figures for a bit! Why? Well, I just took a look at TVC figures (Wave 23) that came out during Triple Force Friday, as well as the Black Series figures, Carbonite versions of those figures, and more exclusives that came out during that week and slightly after.

I’m continuing on with Star Wars goodness with a look at the next wave that wasn’t supposed to hit until later on this month or into December.  Not only that, I’m also taking a look at the exclusive Luke Skywalker!  These are filling up my walls quite rapidly! Yeah, I buy them and hang them on my wall to admire.  It’s how I collect.



I’ll talk about the packaging here and say my usual blurb.  I love the front of the packaging with that vintage look and large photo, but I hate the backs of these cards.  There is way too much text.  I get it that they probably save money printing one card for all areas, but it’s ugly as hell.

I’m a fan of Jawas! I wasn’t an angry collector after seeing that a Jawa was a part of the Triple Force Friday Black Series assortment and I welcome yet another 3 3/4″ one! I mean, people love army building Stormtroopers, so why not army build these scavengers?

While small in size, I have to tell you that I’m a fan of the belt on this guy and the holster.  They look sharp.  I’m also digging the textures sculpted into the robe.  The devil is in the details, and this guy has ’em.  The weapons are nothing to write off, either!

The little eyes protrude from out of the hood just right.  The textures around the eyes aren’t distracting and actually add to the overall figure.  This is a great Jawa and I’m sure those that love to collect them and army build with them will sing the praises of this version.


Sith Trooper

I was surprised that Hasbro saved the Sith Trooper for this wave and went for releasing the Sith Jet Trooper first.   Never fear, people.  The red Trooper is here to army build with!

I don’t think this figure is going to be any surprise to those who bought the Black Series version, or even the Hot Toys sixth scale version because it is what it is: a red Trooper with slightly different looking armor and helmet with etchings on the armour.  I’m still warming up to the overall design and just want to see these guys in action on the big screen.  Will they actually have aiming skills?


Shadow Trooper

Surprisingly, another Trooper is added to this wave and it’s one that has nothing to do with any of the movies (and probably won’t be in The Rise of Skywalker).  If you want to know more about them, check out this concise Wiki.

There seem to be many parallels with the Death Trooper, a great looking Trooper that has also seen a few different releases in various scales and lines.  This is my first Shadow Trooper and I welcome yet another variant.

The assorted textures and details on the armour and under suit help break up the all-black visage.  The paint on the helmet and around the waist also help as well.  It’s a great looking figure with one large as hell weapon.  I’m sure Trooper army builders are quite impressed.  Now I have a hankering to track down the sixth scale version.


Princess Leia Organa (Yavin)

There seems to be some hoopla involving this release already.  I guess this card is printed with the VC number as 164.  Supposedly it’s now going to be printed as 150 to replace Darth Revan, who was supposed to be released by now.  Not sure if collectors will clamor for this card or how rare it is.  Then again, how “rare” are these items any more?

I think the last figure I have of Leia like this is from the Princess Leia Collection series that was released back in the 90s as part of the Power of the Force line.  It was cool to see all those Leia figures with assorted soft goods and it made that line of four two-packs stand out from some of the other figures at the time.  I still have all mine on card!

As for this figure, it looks pretty good, at least the body and the overall sculpt (and outfit).  I think where it fails a bit is with the paint.  She looks like she’s wearing way too much make-up, especially around the eyes.  Nonetheless, it’s still pretty decent and it will be great to see customizers play around with the paint.


Luke Skywalker (Yavin)

This figure isn’t hitting massive retail.  There’s a distributor who has gotten the stock from Hasbro and I think it was their EBay store I got this from.  I can’t remember where this figure will be available in the US because, well, there have been so many in the past month!

I’ll point out that this is the most horrid card I have collected yet.  Why? If you click the image below to enlarge it, you’ll see how badly pixelated the image is.  It looks like I printed it off in the 90s on my old Epson printer on regular stock paper.  What is going on with this? Is it just mine or a bad batch?

As for the figure, this one is pretty damn good.  I like the outfit and the portrait is great for Luke Skywalker, who always seems to be hit and miss.  It’s great to see this figure come with a medal, so I’m curious if the one that comes with the Leia figure above will be for Chewy and a Han release is coming down the road.  That would be pretty cool.  I’m surprised a lightsaber hilt was included, though.

OK…that should be it.  I don’t think I’ll really be talking about more figures in TVC in the next little while except for the Jabba playset I just got (that comes with two more figures).  From what I remember there aren’t any more waves coming until next year.  I’m good with that because I’ve spent enough.

Enjoy the video review!