Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker TVC Action Figure Wave Review


The old saying is go big or go home and that’s exactly what Hasbro was doing for Triple Force Friday. The amount of product that came out in October was mind numbing and there was something for everyone.  There was definitely a lot for those who collect more than one line, like me.

I already took a look at the regular wave of Black Series figures that came out for TFF, the Carbonized Graphite exclusives, and four additional exclusives.  I’m moving on to the 3 3/4″ Vintage Collection figures for today and later on this week, with another return to The Black Series.  Then I’ll move onto some other properties and revisit my MOTUC Rewind features.  I promise!

I’ll be giving my two cents on here and it may not be as extensive as other features.  I say quite a bit in the embedded video from my channel at the end of this feature, but fighting a cold while still going full force (excuse the pun) at work, and having a sick toddler, is really kicking my butt.  Here we go!  Oh yeah, as always, I have to state I collect these to keep in the package and hang on my wall.


Knight of Ren

Before I even start talking about this figure, I’ll state a) I liked the final trailer for The Rise of Skywalker and can’t wait to see how the trilogy ends (I have my ticket for 5:00 pm on the Thursday), and b) I can’t wait to see if Hot Toys will make one of these guys.

I’ll just say my usual thing for the cards: I usually really like the front picture but I’m not a fan of the back of them.  There’s too much small text!

It was weird to see my Knight come with a warning stick on the front of the card because all the rest of these have the warning printed on them.  Not sure what the deal is there.

I really like the overall look of this character, especially how the headpiece drapes down over the front of the figure.  The little paint touches on the parts of the cloth do help break up the overall look, especially the work done on the gauntlets and the ankle shins.

The mask is pretty cool.  There’s a bit of an homage to Kylo Ren there and really does have a Star Wars dark side vibe to it.  I wonder if we will see any of these guys unmasked.

I can’t wait to see these guys in action with their weapon that’s packed in with this guy.  It’s another unique piece, almost like an oversized axe.



Yeah, we get another Rey.  At least the font of the card looks pretty cool.  Overly “Photoshopped,” but it’s best Rey card we’ve gotten to this point.

It’s amazing to see how Hasbro keeps improving their technology and sculpting for this line.  Not only do we get the best Rey card, I think this is the best Rey figure yet in any scale (well, from Hasbro anyway).

Yeah, the figure comes with the usual weapons/items we’ve known Rey to have, but I think the main draw here is the actual portrait and the updated outfit.  I think fans of Rey will be drawn to this one.


Zorii Bliss

What is a Zorii Bliss? OK.  I know it’s the character name but it’s fun to say out loud.  Not much is given away from the fron of the card but at least you can compare the figure’s outfit with we’re shown on the card.

The metallic paint and golden colour are done well on here.  The outfit isn’t the most interesting although the helmet is unique.  I suppose we’ll see what she brings the Star Wars universe in just two months.  Will she be another Phasma?


Luke Skywalker (X-Wing Pilot)

Here’s the carded version of the figure that was a part of the Jedi Destiny three pack that I already scored this year.

I don’t think I can say anymore about this figure than I already have in the link above (I really like it), but I think the paint on the face in my three pack was done a lot better.  It wasn’t until I took these pictures that I noticed the figure’s right eye was larger and lower than the left one.  What a shame.


Sith Jet Trooper

More Star Wars movies mean more variations on Stormtroopers.  I’m surprised didn’t start off this scale with the same regular Sith Trooper in the Black Series scale.  On the other hand, at least it’s some variety.

The red armor is very similar to the regular Sith Trooper.  Even the weapons are the same!  Where the figure is majorly different is with the thicker helmet and how it widens more that the Sith Trooper’s at the bottom.  I’m still on the fence on the design but I can probably bet that if Hot Toys released a sixth scale one, I’d pick it up to go along with their version of the Sith Trooper.


Poe Dameron

Should I be surprised we have so many Poe Dameron figures when we’re missing so many other characters from the all the other films? I really don’t need any more after this.  I guess because Hasbro released his X-Wing but didn’t include a figure ($130 here in Canada!!!!), they needed to make some more dough somehow while giving people a pilot for the ship.  Why this figure wasn’t included with the ship boggles my mind.

Griping aside, this is a pretty good figure of the character.  The outfit, portrait and helmet are done well.  For huge fans of this character, I think they’re going to be happy.

That’s my quick two cents on this wave of figures.  Stay tuned for Friday because I’ve got another set of figure from The Vintage Collection coming that appeared at my Toys ‘R Us, that we weren’t expecting to see until November (even into December).   Enjoy the video review!