Star Wars: The Black Series Fall 2019 Action Figure Exclusives Review


My poor wallet.  Triple Force Friday wasn’t just a day, it was a month.  I have even more Black Series figures coming up as well as the Vintage Collection ones! Nonetheless, I love seeing so much Star Wars stuff even though it’s draining my bank account and filling up my walls (I hang these guys up).

This feature will look at various exclusives that were released over the past month.  We already had white boxed, first edition figures that I looked at and Hasbro also released Carbonized versions of four figures, and I snagged those.  Yet they released even more stuff!  Here we go with more Black Series goodness.


First Order Elite Snowtrooper

This guy was released on Triple Force Friday and on the pegs in big numbers at all my EB Games.  He’s still there.  Can you blame people? I mean, I dig Troopers but taking a Snowtrooper and just putting a soft goods cape on it doesn’t really scream “new” or “exclusive.”  Hasbro also place this guy inside a mystery box.  The first unboxing I saw of it made me almost piss myself laughing because the guy was so ticked off.

Yep, this is the same figure as far as I can tell as the first release except the cloak.  I suppose army builders will love having some kind of leader or general for their Snowtroopers, and having just one of these guys is fine for me, but man, Hasbro really should have thought more outside the box here.  Then again, I bought the damn thing, so what does that say?


Luke Skywalker (Jedi Knight)

I’m going to get the bad out of the way first.  This figure was $35 Canadian plus tax.  $35 f’n dollars.  WHY???? Because Walmart has dibs on it?  Look, I’m thankful that we actually got a US Walmart exclusive here in Canada (and before many US stores at that), but there is no reason this figure should be $5 more than the regular figures.  It does not come with any more weapons or soft goods that others do.  Same goes with the Snowtrooper I just discussed.  Not cool.  Then again, I bought the damn thing because I collect and I love this version of Luke.  Hell, I got the Hot Toys version earlier this year.

Price aside, this is a great figure.  The detailing on the outfit that’s pretty bland is actually pretty good, especially the tunic section.  The soft goods, to me, should be a bit darker.  Maybe it’s just me and my awful colour differentiation, but I swear the cape was darker.

Thankfully Luke comes with the iconic blaster from the scene as well as his lightsaber to act out the scenes later in the dunes of Tatooine.  Both weapons feature awesome sculpting and paint on them.

The portrait is actually quite good.  At first I wasn’t feeling it because I have that notion that Hasbro still can’t do a good Luke sculpt, I suppose.  After sitting on this figure for a bit (not literally), I have to say that I think it’s a hit, although I’d love the pupils to be in the middle of the eyes.


Purge Stormtrooper

The hype for the Jedi Fallen Order game is in full swing and now we have our next figure to promote the game.  Thankfully we are getting a Trooper and not another human.  This guy seems to be quite popular so far with him selling out fast at our EB Games. Supposedly this is the same figure that’s coming with the bundle that EB Games and Gamespot is offering.  Like a chump, I preordered to makes sure I get the “exclusive” figure, but I guess it’s a store exclusive.  I’ll cancel closer to the release just to make sure.

The pauldron is huge on this guy! That, and the two red pieces on the helmet are the focal points for me.  It almost distracts me from the large gun to it’s side.  The red and white do break up the black armour, making for a more appealing figure.

The helmet, though, is quite odd.  While I do love variants of Troopers and their helmets, this guy, though, just isn’t resonating with me yet.  It’s not as bad as the First Order Jet Troopers, but it just looks overly complicated.  I guess I’ll have to wait and see the figure/character in context of the game to maybe “get it.”  I’ll also give quick props to the soft goods around the lower half of the figure.  Great touch!


C-3P0 and Babu Frik

Full disclosure: I saw this figure and was like, yep, they’re killing off Chewy! I mean it only makes sense with Han dead and the last trilogy ending.  I could be wrong but if 3P0 has the bandolier and the crossbow, how can you not assume it.  Is it a spoiler from Hasbro or is it going to throw us fans off? Who knows….and I kinda like it! The bio on the back of the box doesn’t ruin anything, though.

Supposedly this figure’s eyes change colour with cold or hot environments, but I’m not throwing it in my fridge to check it out.  What I will say is that I think this is my favourite Black Series C-3P0.  The gold colour pops so well and everything just blends well.  After examining the figures, everything on this figure is new.  I know they could have just taken the old sculpt and added the accessories, but they didn’t.  Good on them.

I find the portrait more defined than the last release and I think the slightly darker gold paint makes the nooks and crannies pop a bit more.

As for Babu Frik, I’m not going to speculate.  The figure is decent but until I see the character on screen more and the involvement, it really doesn’t do anything for me.


Well, that’s my two cents on this set of Star Wars Black Series figures.  Hope those of you that are on the hunt find them.  Enjoy the video review!