NECA Toony Terrors Freddy Krueger and Jason Voorhees Review


It’s the day after Halloween and a new month.  Stores across North America will have Christmas and holiday stuff out before the end of the day (if not already) and many will have the post Halloween blues.  Have no fear, I’m going to end the week on here with a bit more horror fun!

NECA is known for doing great 7″ scale and retro clothed style horror figures but this year, they wanted to bring something to horror fans who find the prices of their other figures to be a bit too much and perhaps also snag the casual collector or those who would buy a great priced gift for someone who loves horror.

These new Toony Terror figure line features figures with minimal articulation (5 points), but with a new cartoon/animated style, almost like if the characters were in the Scooby Doo cartoons in the 80s.

The first series features the two characters I’m showing here today but also feature the 1990 version of Pennywise and the current look of that character.  I didn’t buy the Pennywise figures because I just didn’t want to be completist with another line and I’ve bought so many other Pennywise figures lately, I just had to put the breaks on. Odds are those two will make their way into my collection one day.

Here are my quick thoughts on Jason and Freddy.


Jason Voorhees

Before I get to the figures, I’ll just say a quick piece about the packaging.  I really like the look of the figure in front of a movie theatre with the line name in the spotlight and the figure’s name on the feature board. I think it’s cool that the character on the card is actually on the movie poster (as you can see on the left and right near the middle of each card).

The back of the card features a little backdrop to place behind the figure.  I have no idea who will use these and how they’ll stand.  I guess it’s a different use for packaging that may get tossed once the figure is opened, so I applaud the thinking behind it.  I’d never use it if I opened them, though.

‘As for the figure itself, the minimalist look really works for it.  Jason still looks intimidating with the broad shoulders and how the eye holes in the mask are actually sculpted.  Some people may cry sacrilege with how it is sculpted differently than the movies, but I think the slightly different take on the mask makes this figure stand out more (and in a good way).

I also dig the little details like the rips in the shirt and pants, as well as the textures added to his neck.  I also can’t forget to mention the cool paintwork found on the machete (I show that in the video). This isn’t that basic of a figure after all.


Freddy Krueger

The packaging is the same as Jason, of course, except for Freddy’s face on the movie posters on the front.  On the back, you see a boiler room backdrop you can use.

After getting this figure and seeing with my own eyes, I really love the sculpt of the portrait.  Freddy’s look translates so well to an animated style.  I love how the burn scars are placed on the head (and hands).  You know it’s Freddy, but it’s a unique take on the character.

The sweater has random holes/rips as expected, but how they’re laid out and done don’t distract from the sweater.  The cool metallic shine that’s represented by the paint on the knives are also a great idea and mimics what we see with Jason’s machete.  This is a fun figure and I think many Krueger fans will welcome this figure into their collection without hesitation.

I’m leaning on getting two more of these to open up and display.  Finding a place to put them is the problem.  These guys could actually sit up at my computer and not take up much room.  We’ll see what happens.  Wave two is now showing up in people houses thanks to NECA’s Ebay/Amazon stores and retailers should have them soon.  Can’t wait to find them myself!

Enjoy the video!