NECA Gamer Gremlin, Ultimate Roy Burns, and Halloween II Michael Myers Review


I had to get something horror oriented on my site for Halloween, so I held off on a review I had ready to go a few weeks ago.  The plus side of holding off on what I was going to post is I ended up getting another new NECA figure (Halloween II Michael Myers) and ended up making this feature (and video review embedded at the end) a bit beefier.

As usual, I’m stating I keep my figs in the package because I love the boxes and I just don’t have the room for more loose figures in my man cave.   Here we go!

Gamer Gremlin

This guy was a Gamestop (US) exclusive earlier in the year and my buddy Toy Bro ended up snagging a few cheap and then sending me one (thanks, man!).  Usually NECA Gamestop exclusives have found there way here to Canada via EB Games, but this one just didn’t show up.  If it did, I never saw it and it was never listed on their site.  That was a bummer, but my patience paid off.

I love the Gremlins boxes quite a bit.  Hell, I’m a big fan of most of NECA’s packaging.  This one, though has this crazy gaming gremlin explode through the movie poster.  The back features the figure posed with all the awesome accessories it comes with.  There seems to be some pellets spread out a certain yellow gaming icon would eat.  Hmmm….

As usual with these figures launched under the “Ultimates” banner, we get a great picture of the figure posed on the inside of the flap and the figure and all the accessories it comes with in clear site thanks to the window-box packaging.  This is a big reason I just admire them in the box.  If I win the lottery and have the space one day, they’ll all be out!

It’s no surprise the figure has the same body as the other Gremlins, as that’s been the trend.  Even the portrait has been used before.  The main draw with this figure is getting all the various accessories.  The figure comes with a bucket of popcorn (and it can go over his head), a pair of sunglasses, a propeller hat, a soft drink, a handheld arcade game (that makes me think of the old Donkey Kong one), and a joystick.

It also comes with a Gremlins video game! Too bad it wasn’t the NES Gremlins II game.  Then again, the NES wasn’t out yet when the movie got released, so having something even more retro-style is appropriate.

For fun, here’s a close-up of the portrait.  These guys are done so well.  Just look at the details of mouth with those teeth, the tongue, and the back of the throat! Unreal stuff!  I’m glad I finally got this guy in my collection!



Ultimate Friday the 13th Part V: A New Beginning Roy Burns

Roy Burns, you say? Yeah! Jason wasn’t in Part V! Fans revolted and that’s a huge reason Jason was brought back for Part VI: Jason Lives (and Paramount wanted to keep soaking the franchise for as much money as possible).

Although the figure only comes with one portrait with the mask on it in the packaging, the back shows the figure with the mask off for those who really need to see it and aren’t opening up the box.

Again, the figure and the weapons can be seen clearly and the figure is in an excellent pose on the inside flap.  I never noticed how the right leg is position in the box.  I have no idea how I missed that when I bought it.  Awful stance aside, the sheer amount of weapons displayed will probably make it hard for people to not pick this figure up, even if they’re not the biggest fan of this film.

While the outfit really isn’t anything too special, all the little wrinkles and seams/lines are sculpted well.  He also has that drenched look about him, which is fitting.  What I really like, that I never noticed in the promo shots, is the rip and blood in the mid torso area.  What a great thing to add!

People focus on the various Jason hockey masks like some Star Wars fans focus on the details on the lightsaber hilts.  That’s great that people are so focused on details but I don’t nit-pick at them.  I think this mask is done very well and really represents what we see in the movie.


The weapons are just great and I love the blood all over them.  I decided to take a closer picture of the four weapons below just to show you how great they are.  The figure comes with a cleaver, hunting knife, machete, garden shears, road flare, a railroad spike, wooden piece, and the belt piece from that memorable kill in the film.

It’s too bad this will probably be the last Friday the 13th figure we’ll see for a long time – until the whole court case of who has the rights to this series is settled.  Same goes with A Nightmare on Elm Street.  It really sucks for us fans.


Ultimate Halloween II Michael Myers

A collective thud was heard around the horror collectors world when this figure was announced.  While it’s great that NECA has gotten the license for the most recent film (and for Season of the Witch with their upcoming three pack), many horror fans want (I could say “demand”) representation from the first two films.  NECA came through with this one.

Although I will say that I love seeing the figure posed with the various accessories and portraits on the back (like the other packaging), I’m just so happy to see that VHS box art on the front of this package.  It brings me back to my youth going through the horror section of the video store to see what movies would freak me out.

Just like the others, here’s the figure in the window-box packaging.

The outfit on this figure is just as exciting as the one for Roy, and that’s not too much.  Then again, it what was featured in the movie and it is sculpted well.  I’m not sure how exciting coveralls can be! The subtle paint apps on it do help break up the monotonous look.

The figure comes with a syringe, a knife, a hammer, and a jack o’ lantern that opens to reveal a skull.  That is a cool extra right there!

For those that love variety, NECA has included three portraits for you to decide upon.  I would be inclined to display the figure with the bloody tears just for something different, but swapping it in and out with the standard one would be fun.  The lighter coloured one isn’t my thing but I’m glad they added it for fans.

NECA has done it again with three more great figures! As mentioned, the Gamer Gremlin has been out for a while but I just had to feature it.  Roy was available here in Canada around the end of September and Michael Myers started to show up about a week and a half ago.  Keep the horror figures coming, NECA!

Enjoy the video!