Star Wars: The Black Series Carbonized Graphite Exclusive Figures Review


My last post featured all the Star Wars Black Series figures that came out during Triple Force Friday. For that day as well, Hasbro released four different figures in a “Carbonized Graphite” version where the boxes are different and each figure has more of a metallic finish to them.

I’ve already said my piece about these figures in my last review, so this one may be a bit shorter than what I usually put out.  I have a comparison pic for each of them, too (and a video review embedded at the end.  I’ll be keeping these guys in their boxes and hanging them alongside the other versions of the figures.


Sith Trooper

The version of this figure was an Amazon (Canadian & US exclusive).  I find the box for this figure really pops.  The “in-your-face” glossy and metallic red is such a different look than the standard black boxes that it almost overshadows the figure.  Almost.

I really love how this figure looks and I think it’s better than the standard release.  I find that you can see all the little details in the armour better and it makes the overall design of the figure even better.  I know some people have reported paint chipping off this figure but mine seems fine.

For comparison, here’s the standard release next to the Carbonized version.



The Mandalorian

Take a hot and highly demanded figure, toss in a white boxed variant and this variant and you’ll see why prices on this guy are going through the roof.  This Target (US) exclusive is supposed to be hitting our Canadian Toys R Us stores soon.  I got mine for next to retail on Ebay thanks to being quick on the draw.

I find the paint on this figure to also make the overall figure really different looking than the regular version.  Yes, we do get metallic shine, but it’s the use of the different colours that really make the two figures really different.  I love the look of the helmet on this guy!

Here they are side by side!



Second Sister Inquisitor

This figure is a Gamestop/EB Games exclusive and the metallic shine really comes through with the box itself as well as the body of the figure.

I don’t find the overall paint scheme to be as different as the other figures, but the shine really does make it stick out from the regular release.  I wish the helmet popped a bit more on this one, though.

Again, here’s a side by side shot.



First Order Jet Trooper

This figure is a Walmart US exclusive and it hasn’t been spotted here in Canada yet.  I’m not sure what retailer is going to get it in or if it will show up in our Walmarts. Thanks to the power of Ebay, I also got this figure for close to retail.

I don’t find this figure to be as exciting as the other three, although I am a fan of Trooper variants.

I really don’t see a metallic shine or anything with this guy.  It looks like he’s a flat white, almost like eggshells.  I just doesn’t pop or stand out like the other three figures.

I don’t have the regular retail release to compare this with, as they are just starting to show up.  I’ll update down the road when I get one in (and if I remember).  I can’t wait to have one so I can really see how different this figure actually is from the standard release.

That’s my two cents on these exclusives.  I think it’s neat Hasbro did something different and fans seem to be eating these up.  I’m thankful I got to score them all!

Enjoy the video!