Star Wars Triple Force Friday Black Series Figures Review


I’m back! Yeah, I say that often.  My job keeps me away from the site on occasions and sometimes I also just need a break.  This thing doesn’t pay the bills, so I have to focus on what does.

That said, I know I’m late to the Triple Force Friday party and showcasing what I got.  Many already have, but I’m sharing still because that’s the fun of my site and doing what I do as a hobby and not a means to an end.  Then again, if Hasbro actually wants to send me stuff like they do to others, I’m for it (I’m not holding my breath).

For those not in the know, which would be quite wild if you didn’t and you’re here, Hasbro decided to release the Triple Force Friday figures in both the standard black box and a special white “First Edition” box.  I wasn’t going down that rabbit hole, but after arriving at my Walmart at 7 am to see nothing on the pegs (and still nothing almost three weeks later), I went to my local EB Games at lunch to see if there was anything they weren’t cleared out of.  To my surprise, they had the majority of the figures in the white boxes! Go figure! helped me score all the black box figures.

Here are my thoughts on each figure with pics in the standard black boxes and the white ones.  As of the time of writing this, the white boxed Mandalorian is in the mail thanks to an awesome guy on one of my Canadian Star Wars group pages.  I got it basically for retail and I’m really thankful, considering the demand for the figure. (EDIT: It’s been added).

Side note, I hang these up on my walls, so that’s why I give my two cents on them as is.  As well, Hasbro released figures in special Carbonite Graphite packaging/colours.  I’ll be getting to them in another feature.  Here we go!


Supreme Leader Kylo Ren

Here we go with yet another Kylo Ren.  Do we need one? Not really.  I suppose the new mask adds to the value as the body of the figure seems like a reuse of the last one.

It looks like we got a new cape here but I’m surprised we didn’t get any soft goods.  I suppose we’ll get another more posable Kylo Ren that is unmasked down the road.  I do love the damage on the mask and it does differentiate the other figures that were previously released.


Rey & D-0

What a difference a few years makes.  This Rey is phenomenal in the portrait department.  The new droid, D-0, brings a new curiosity to the upcoming film.

I love all the details on the outfit.  There are so many layers that even the lack of paint makes it all work.  The amount of accessories are fantastic, too! This is one of those figures that I’m going to buy another of just so my daughter can play with it.


Sith Trooper

I’ve already said my piece about this guys with my look at the SDCC version.

I also took a look at this figure with my Hot Toys review.  I really don’t have much to add except that it looks great.


Cal Kestis

Here’s a character that’s basically unkown.  I have no clue how this guy is going to play out in the Star Wars universe.  I guess for them to make a figure of him, there will be some payoff.

The outfit of the figure looks great, as does the little droid he comes with.  I love the hair style and the work done on the portrait.  I can’t wait to see if the figure represents the character in the game.


The Mandalorian

The major, most wanted figure figure of this whole wave is in possession! Well, I suppose the white boxed version is.  As of the time of writing and publishing, I will have one thanks to the great person on one of the Facebook groups I’m apart of. (EDIT: Got it and it’s now below)

While most people will just look at this figure as just another Boba Fett, there’s enough variation of the armour and colour palate to distinguish this guy.  I think it’s a phenomenal figure and I can’t wait for the show to air, although I’ll be waiting for it to come out on BluRay so I can just binge.


Second Sister Inquisitor

Here’s another figure from the upcoming video game.  I have no idea of where the figure is going to fit into Star Wars lore, but it looks to be a major player based on the lightsaber included.

I’m surprised, again, that Hasbro didn’t use soft goods for the cape, but with the insignias of the Imperial army on the plastic cape, it gets a pass from me.  While the rest of the outfit is a bit bland, the overall look is great, especially due to the helmet.  Are we going to see what this character looks like without the mask? Only time will tell.  Thankfully we have a cool figure in the meantime.


Offworld Jawa

“Who needs another Jawa?!”  I do, that’s who! I love these little guys and having another variant of them is welcome in my books!

OK, this figure is basically the same as the previously released one.  Here, though, we get weapons that are painted differently, a darker cape, a bandolier that’s darker, and a portrait with darker eyes.  Is that enough for more money? Probably not for most. For this guy, though, this Jawa is a welcome addition.


First Order Stormtrooper

Yikes! Yet another First Order Stormtrooper?!

There seems to be nothing different here from the previously released FO ST. If anthing, this is just a re-release from the one that came with Finn, touted as the Riot Control Trooper.  It’s not a bad figure, but to give it a release in such an anticipated launch is kind of underwhelming.  At least those wanting these accessories will finally have them.

This line of figures is quite good. I know I may nit-pick on them a bit, but I find the video I did was more complimentary.  Enjoy!!