NECA Ultimate Pennywise, Jason, & Laurie Strode Action Figures Review

fullsizeoutput_16aHere’s a note to start off this review: I’ve had most of these figures since the beginning of September, and I think in the video review I have at the end of this feature, I talk about the end of September.  I meant to feature these sooner, but Star Wars took over due to Force Friday coming and going.  I suppose it’s a blessing in disguise because now we’re in October and it’s the Halloween season, making featuring these figures even more fitting.

I love collecting the NECA Ultimates line, especially as someone who has limited display space.  I keep these figures in the box because I can admire them in the window box packaging and the boxes are too awesome to toss.  So, like usual, I give my two cents by taking a look at the figure in the packaging.  Lame for some, I know, but it’s how I collect and I won’t apologize for it.  Let’s get to it!


Ultimate Laurie Strode

The most recent Halloween movie was a hell of a film.  Not only are fans of the franchise happy with the return to form, but they’re also happy with getting more collectibles! While we’re used to getting quality Michael Myers figures from NECA, you could hear the fan base collectively hit the ground when it was revealed NECA secured the likeness rights of Jamie Lee Curtis to give finally give fans a Laurie Strode figure!

As with all Ultimates figures, you always have the figure displayed in an excellent pose on the inside flap while being able to clearly see the figure and all the accessories on the right.  I don’t think the backdrops NECA puts behind the figures get enough recognition but I’ll give my two thumbs up with how clearly it comes through on this figure.

While Strode’s outfit may not be the most exciting, it is pretty damn movie accurate.  Like usual, NECA nails the textures on the outfit to make them lifelike.  The little cross necklace stands out, too!

I took a close up of the revolver because it’s my favourite accessory and probably one of the best guns in this scale I’ve ever seen.  From the overall sculpt to the paint on it, this thing a beaut.

I think both portraits are done well, capturing the likeness of Jamie Lee Curtis with and without the glasses on.  The sculpting work and paint on the eyes, the hair and the expression is good but I find the skin to be too smooth for her age.  I would have assumed a few more wrinkles would be found, especially in the forehead area, so having this super smooth and clean look throws me off just a bit.  Overall, it’s a pretty solid figure.


Ultimate Pennywise V2 – 1990 Movie

While the 1990 movie adaption of Steven King’s book isn’t nearly as frightening or graphic as the modern day movies, many hold Tim Curry’s representation of Pennywise close to their heart.  I get that and it makes sense for NECA to continue riding the wave of IT popularity, new and old.

Again, NECA’s packaging gives people who collect and display these in the box even more reason to do so without having to defend it to anyone.  The packaging just works.

From what I can tell, the body for this figure is the exact same as the first version.  That shouldn’t come as a surprise because all of the modern Bill Skarsgård Pennywise figures also have the same body.  The numerous releases featured new accessories and portraits, and this figure follows suit.

Not only do you get a bunch of new hands, and a new balloon, you get this huge monster hand included.  I would definitely pose the figure with that hand to really differentiate it from the first release.

I also really, REALLY like the picture of Pennywise with the hand coming out of it.  What a cool accessory and it turned out really well.

What’s another Pennywise release without more heads? Well, this release comes with three new portraits.  I think all three are outstanding not only with the sculpts, but also with the expressions chosen.  You have a smirk, a confrontational vibe, and one that wants to scare/go on the attack.  This would be yet another Pennywise figure where, if I had the dough and room, I’d buy three to display with all three heads.

For the hell of it, I decided to show version 2 (on the left) beside version 1 (on the right).



Jason Voorhess – Freddy Vs. Jason

Freddy Vs. Jason is a fun movie and I love it to this day.  I don’t care what the haters say.  I was there on opening night and when NECA released the two pack way back in the day, I bought it instantly.  I was so stoked to see this new version of Jason from that movie and was so hoping a Freddy would follow.  Unfortunately, the license of the franchises are locked up in courts/rights battles, so us fans lose.  There are no new Jason/Freddy figures on the horizon now, except the last retro-style clothed Freddy coming soon.

The inside flap (and the back) photo(s) have Jason posed so cool.  It would be hard if you were a fan of this movie or Friday the 13th, in general, to pass this up.

Jason’s clothes are tattered and torn, as usual, and this figure brings out all those details of decay and rot.  The wash on the jacket really helps bring all the minute details out and the same can be said about the shirt.

I had to take a close up of Jason’s bear because a) it’s pretty cute and b) who’d ever think we’d actually get a figure of Jason that included this? Man, I love NECA!

It’s that all important time where Jason Voorhees fans really nit-pick a figure: with his mask.  It’s like lightsaber hilt fanatics.  Hey, I get it.  You want it done right!  To me, this looks great and I love the many different masks we get.  You can swap between the undamaged mask, the clawed mask, and the bloody one.  If you don’t want the mask, take it off and display Jason with his grotesque portrait out in the open.

NECA gets the gold with another set of excellent figures! The best thing is that there are more great releases coming to end the year.  Too bad this will be the last Ultimate Jason for the foreseeable future.

Enjoy the video review!