Star Wars: Hot Toys Sith Trooper Sixth Scale Figure Review


Before I tackle all the loot I picked up during Triple Force Friday (week), I have to start off with the big boy, the sixth scale Sith Trooper from Hot Toys!  I’ve been slowly accumulating a collection of various sixth scale Stormtroopers from the Star Wars films, so I couldn’t pass this guy up, even if he wasn’t the most exciting at first glance.

This figure was first released to the public at San Diego Comic Con in August.  I think the allotment sold out and, of course, those who only bought them to flip them, had them on Ebay and other groups quite fast.  The aftermarket price was anywhere from $100-250 more than the initial price.

Imagine my surprise when Sideshow put up their listing for the publicly released version and the only difference was the lack of the “early release” sticker on the slipcase.  I’m so happy I waited and resisted the urge to buy even with thinking that there was something exclusive to this release.

The slipcase that the figure is wrapped in is the same as the SDCC figure except the sticker on the front.  It looks quite sexy.  I mean, if you think glossy red boxes are sexy.  The faint images of the Sith Trooper are quite impressive and I’m so glad the slipcase was included with the figure being shipped to everyone.  People who keep these in the box, or have the room to display their figures in front of the box, will be ecstatic.

When you take off the slip case, it’s the same old box we’re used to except Hot Toys has gone back to what they were doing with The Last Jedi figures, adding an additional picture of the figure on the back instead of the credits.  Inside, it is packed very well and there are multiple pieces of foam used to keep the armor pieces separated during shipping.

Out of the box, the figure feels solid and is a whisper over 12″ tall.  It wasn’t until I took the figure out of the package did I realize how different it actually was to the regular First Order Stormtrooper.  I though there were more shared parts, but there are none to be found, which really helps justifying the price.  The figure is actually taller than the First Order Stormtrooper, and you’ll see that when I compare the two later in this feature (and in the video review embedded below).

The armor has pieces that overlap and the torso area just still isn’t sitting right visually for me right now.  I’m not sure why.  I think I’ll get used to it. The pieces are sculpted well and feature various etchings all over the different parts.  I think it looks cool and helps break up just a solid glossy red look.

Speaking of the armor, because of that and the under suit that looks like tubing, the articulation on this figure is hindered greatly.  There’s none to be found in the legs, which means there’s no real use to bend the knees or the ankles, both which are articulated fine.  The shoulder armor and the under suit prevent the arms from going horizontal.  If you stretch it, you’ll probably end up ripping the stitching.  The elbows don’t bend as well as many other figures and the forearm armor doesn’t allow a snug fit to the hands, causing them to pop out constantly.  If you’re looking for a well articulated figure, this is not it.

The helmet is done very well and thankfully, there aren’t any scuff or scratches that take away from that glossy red goodness.  It features the same style of etchings found on the rest of the armor and I’m a fan of how the bottom of the helmet is designed verses the First Order Trooper.  I think it’s sleeker.

The figure comes with five additional hands, bringing the number you can swap in and out to seven.  I’ll mention this again: the hands are a massive problem with this figure.  The constantly pop out due to the forearm armor being so close to the wrist peg area.  Twisting the hand, or trying to adjust the hand peg up/down/left/right to be able to pose the figure, automatically causes the hand to pop out.  It really prevents the figure from having the poses it does in the promo pictures on Sideshow and Hot Toys’ site.  That’s a shame.


The figure comes with two weapons.  They are just called blaster rifles in the description on the Sideshow’s site, but I’m sure when the guides come out for the movie, these will have specific names.  I find the trigger finger hands that come with the figure do not hold the weapon as accurately as they should.  The handles don’t fit naturally, making holding the weapons look a bit awkward.  Also, getting those weapons actually into the hands is a struggle because the hands are so tight.  Be careful where you hold the weapons while inserting them into the hand so you don’t damage the blasters.

The first blaster looks more like a rifle than the other.  I love the sculpting of it and all the little details really shine.  The black, red, and silver paint on it make for a really visually appealing weapon.  The piece at the end can actually extend a little bit and I show that in the bottom picture.


I really wish I could get some of the poses showcased in the promo pics but the limited articulation and the issues with the hands popping out really made it hard.  The figure still looks cool with it in hand, though.

The second weapon looks like more of a flame thrower to me, or something with an incendiary function.  It’s another fantastic weapon and I’m so glad to see this figure coming with new weapons for the First Order.


I’m still up in the air as to which of the two weapons I like more.  I think I’m going to really have to wait until I see them in action on the big screen to help me decide.  I’m leaning towards the one it’s holding below right now.

One cool little tidbit I have to share is if you want to have the Sith Trooper only hold one weapon while still having the other weapon displayed with it, you can place it on the side of the Trooper via a magnet.  I love this solution to have a weapon by the figure’s side.

As usual, Hot Toys provides a stand.  There are no additional base pictures included to swap, but the design of the bottom is visually appealing and I have no problem displaying the figure on it.


Side by side, you can clearly see the differences with the armor and helmets of both Troopers.  Unfortunately, the thing they both share in common is the lack of articulation and dynamic posing.


I think I’ll have having this Sith Trooper dual wield his weapons in my cabinet.  It looks great with two weapons in hand.  I just have to get the pose just right.

Here are a couple more poses I came up with for the figure with both weapons in hand.  I could not, for the life of me, have the figure hold one weapon in hand while coddling it, or helping steady it, with the other hand to make it look like he’s aiming.  The arms and articulation totally prohibit me from doing so.

I knew what I was getting when I bought this figure.  It’s a new red variation of a Stormtrooper.  I’m fine with that part.  I just totally forgot about the lack of articulation with these figures.  It’s a bummer, yeah, but I think I’ll find just the right pose.  I think the figure will grow on me more.  I’m not disappointed by it at all, but I’m just not “wowed.” Then again, many people who have seen this figure here already, or notice there’s a red Stormtrooper out who aren’t as into Star Wars as us geeks, think it’s really cool looking.  That makes for good discussion, and I’m all for that!

Enjoy the video review!